DH surprised me by making reservations for free hotel rooms in Tunica.  I know.  His time off work shouldn’t be fun.  But still… We don’t have a lot of time to ourselves and it seemed like a quick and easy get away.

We drove six hours and checked into Hollywood Casino Hotel.  Took all our luggage and headed up to the sixth floor.  Of course our room was at the very end of a very long hall.  We inserted the key card and the door was latched from the inside.  No one was in the room but the latch had slipped over the catch and the door wouldn’t open.  We had to drag all our luggage back down the long hallway, down the elevator and back to the desk.  They tried to tell us that they didn’t have any more smoking rooms but could put us in a non smoking room.  DH wasn’t having it.  Not for four days.  Maybe he could have handled it for a day but certainly not four. 

So we were left sitting in the lobby with all our bags for 45 minutes while maintenance cut the latch off the door and installed a new one before we could get in the room.  They comped us though.  Gave us two free seafood and filet mignon buffet dinners. 

I was proud of myself.  I decided to distract myself from all the goodies by learning how to crack crab legs and get to the meat.  Something I’m just not very good at.  I really don’t know how people do that.  I swear, I crunch and crack and twist and pull and just wind up with a little teeny sliver of crab meat.  I sat there for more than an hour practicing my crab cracking skills.  Next time, I’m bringing a sledge hammer.  I ate some salad and managed to get enough crab meat with lemon juice to keep from starving.  Good strategy though.  I was occupied with attacking the crabs and didn’t get to the desserts.

Today, we got up and I read a book down by the pool.  I don’t think they really want you to take the free drinks and lie around the pool but I had a beer and got some sun.  I finally headed in and lost my $40 to the slots.  One couple was talking about how much better Fitzgeralds is so we headed down the road and joined their players club.  They gave us two free dinner buffets for joining.  Sigh…. We didn’t use them tonight because we picked up sandwiches at Subway so we’ll eat there tomorrow.  Maybe they have some shrimp that need peeling or something.  These buffets will be the death of me.


brseay says 25th July @ 8:07

What a great distraction!

Too bad DH didn’t take the room situation as an opportunity to quit smoking. Hopefully you’ll strike it rich and be able to retire this year!!!

laura705 says 26th July @ 11:41

Yeh, getting the meat out of those crab legs is a lot of work! While my bf thinks it’s worth it, I prefer the less healthy but less laborious crabcakes.

losingit2010 says 26th July @ 22:08

I am planning a vacation for later this year and your vacation sounds fabulous and not too far from Nashville. Surely you worked off some of the food hauling your luggae around the resort

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