201 this morning.  Bah, humbug!

I had a busy day.  Got up and cleaned the house and then had to take Andrew down to Voc Rehab.  That took a couple of hours.  After we left, I went by K-Mart to pick up my prescriptions and then to TJ Max to get some towels for Steven to take to WKU.  Decided to treat myself to some wonderful, lemon scented soap at $8.99 for three bars and the cashier forgot to put it in the bag.  Daggone it!  Now I have to go back.  I called them and she forgot to put it in the bag but she didn’t forget to charge me for it.  grumble, grumble….

I did 85 laps in the pool by jogging and then did 5 laps of backstroke for the arms.  I’m going to work up to 100 laps and then call it quits.  Each lap takes about 30 seconds so that’s going to take around an hour.

Brandi, my dear friend, I listen to everything you say and give it serious thought.  Your input means a lot to me.  You’re right about so many things.  Yes, I do need to find another venue for exercising and I plan to.  How many times have I gotten my workout room straightened up?  I’m serious, living in a houseful of men is not all that much fun.  DH got his old organ out of the attic and set it up in my workout room!  He hasn’t played it in 30 years and he suddenly got the urge!  Are you kidding me?  And, of course, he’s had it up there for almost two months now and hasn’t played it once.  He has his computer up there and now the room is full of all the stuff we’ve bought for Steven to take to college.  There are boxes of clothes, dishes, a microwave, a desk and chair, bedspread, sheets, pillows, a trash can, toiletries, towels, yadda yadda yadda…

I keep telling myself I’m taking my room back next month when Steven leaves so I can use my treadmill and step.  I need to sell my exercise bike.  Hate that thing.  It’s so boring.

I thought about having DH fix my bicycle but it’s so hot I probably wouldn’t use it anyway.

You’re also right about the eating.  It’s five o clock and I just now ate for the first time today.  I have to make a conscious effort to make myself eat during the day.  It seems like my “meal clock” doesn’t kick in until I’ve been up for several hours.  That, again, is DH’s fault.  When we first got married, he used to tease me like crazy because I was programmed for breakfast when I got up, lunch around noon, and dinner around 5:00.  He worked second shift and didn’t go to work until 5:00 so we had a bite around 4:00 and then I’d fix dinner for when he got home around 1:00 a.m.  Somehow, I got on his schedule and I’m still on it.  In fact, to this day, he will not eat breakfast or lunch and I’ve adopted the same routine.

I promise, starting tomorrow, I’ll make an effort to eat earlier and more regularly.  Maybe that will encourage Mr. Scale to give me a break.

Okay, so it’s 5:00 and I still have to fix dinner (pork stir fry with cabbage, rice and sliced tomatoes) do laundry, print out some forms for Steven and I to fill out for school and repackage a ton of meat.  I got pork loin, chicken breasts and sirloin tip on sale so I stocked up.  Now I have to slice and package everything for the freezer.

Ohhh!  I almost forgot!  I saw on the news where a six year old girl was attacked by a shark on Ocracoke Island!  Same time of day and same place where we were swimming last week! 

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