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I feel like a hoarder.  There’s so much junk in my house it’s bursting at the seams. 

I got a new couch and living room chair just a couple of days before leaving on vacation and asked DS to put the old ones on Craig’s list.  He did.  “Free to a good home” but we haven’t had any takers.  Yeah, they’re shot but I really didn’t want to just throw them out.  The chair?  It’s trash.  It’s a cheap recliner that’s busted and doesn’t work right.  Still, if someone wanted to put a couple of screws in it, it would work just fine.  The couch has good bones but is really stained.  I kept a cover on it and they can have the cover along with the couch.  That’s what happens when you assume the kids are grown and have left the nest and buy a white couch.  Won’t happen again.  I forgot about all the grandkids.  Even so…not one single person has called or looked at it.

Our TV from the family room started acting up.  It started getting full of static.  DS said a friend gave him a TV while we were gone and it fits perfectly in the space on the entertainment unit so I need to throw out the old one.

Steven leaves for WKU next month and we’ve been accumulating things for his room.  All that stuff is stored in my workout room so I can’t even get to my treadmill.  We’ve got a TV up there, a desk and chair, a carpet for his room, a small refrigerator and microwave, boxes of towels and dishes and a computer.

And now…after last night, I’m determined to go shopping for a new mattress today.  What am I supposed to do with the old one?

I feel like a hoarder.  Oh yeah, I also have a dog and two cats that don’t belong to me.  Steven’s cat and DS’s dog plus a new cat that was hiding in our bedroom when we got home from vacation.  Oldest DS said it’s Holly’s cat.  He said she came over while we were gone and brought her cat and it ran under the bed and hid when it was time for her to go home so she just left it here.  Poor thing.  It’s been hiding under the bed ever since we got home.  It comes out at night and sleeps on the foot of our bed but will not come out from under the bed because it’s being bullied by DS’s dog and Steven’s cat.

Of course, all this junk started accumulating just a week or two after our semi-annual junk pickup and we’re not due for another one until December.  In the meantime, I can’t even move in this place.  DH said he’d try to borrow a pickup truck next week and take the couch, chair, mattress, TV and an old ottoman to the dump.  I guess we’ll just have to keep accumulating Steven’s stuff until he leaves for school.  Holly’s cat?  I’m calling her today to come and get it.  I don’t blame her but I blame ex DIL for letting her bring it over and then leaving without it.  And, of course, oldest DS is certainly not blameless.  He headed for the hills shortly after we got home.  I guess he’s left his girlfriend in Illinois.  There are several boxes of his stuff stacked in the family room.

I need a vacation.  🙂

Speaking of vacations.  Being on Ocracoke Island reminded us a teeny bit of Hawaii.  We used to go to Hawaii every other year for a month in the summer.  I guess we went about 7 or 8 times. Finally burned out on it and said we weren’t going back.  We’d seen everything and done everything and felt like there were too many other places we hadn’t seen.  DH’s aunt talked us into taking her about five years ago and it was a big mistake.  If we weren’t burned out before, we certainly were after spending three weeks in the islands with her.  She was very controlling, self-centered and drove us nuts.  Forgot her hearing aid and slept every night with the TV blaring.  We’d get up in the middle of the night and turn it down and she’d wake up, get mad, and turn it back up.  DH would go out on the balcony to smoke and she’d go out there and fuss at him and tell him she couldn’t stand the smell.  Well, then, get off the balcony!  My sister went with us and she was incredibly jealous of our relationship.  I bought lei’s for both my sister and her and she got mad because she thought Donna’s lei was nicer than hers when they were identical.  I saw a side of that woman that I never want to see again.  Anyway…I don’t think we’re going back to Hawaii.  Even though DH’s aunt has asked us to take her on vacation again several times.  Not in this lifetime.

Still, we’ve been to so many places and nothing compares to Hawaii.  Hawaii is so diverse.  Beautiful, crystal clear water with fantastic diving.  Cliffs as black as night with monstrous turquoise waves crashing against them.  Beautiful mountains and volcanoes and forests.  We’ve never found another place that even comes close.  We might find a beautiful beach.  We’ve been to some breathtaking mountains.  We’ve toured all over the west and enjoyed cliffs and rock formations that are just gorgeous.  But finding all of them in one place is not easy.

I’m feeling the urge to go to Hawaii again.  Maybe in two years.  Wish I could find a new Hawaii.  Someplace that we’ve never been that offers just as much.  I thought about Tahiti or Fiji.  Maybe Bora Bora.  I don’t know.  Some Shangri La that we haven’t visited.

 Maybe I should visit a travel agent.  We’ve seriously thought about French Polynesia but it’s such a long trip and a lot more expensive than Hawaii.

Okay, enough daydreaming.  My house is a disaster and I seem to have two dysfunctional kids and a bunch of grandkids demanding attention.  Gotta get back to reality.


jewlz280 says 16th July @ 10:06

You should try donating that stuff. Many thrift stores like Goodwill or Rescue Missions will take them. Plus there are Women’s Shelters, etc. Just call around and ask. Plus, many do free pick up! VOILA! Problem solved! 😉

As for the vacation thing, you had a MUCH better experience of Hawaii than we did. We didn’t enjoy it at all except for visiting some friends stationed there. For us, it wasn’t family friendly at all! But maybe it was because we were on the wrong island or our kids were too young. Well, KID. We only had one then! LOL I’d try Googling the top ten best vacation islands to get an idea. And you could always talk to a travel agent — nothing says you have to book with them! 😀

You’re a BRAVE woman vacationing with extended family. I just don’t think I could do it. And to think on that on TOP of coming home to your house trashed… well… I’d be NUTS. Hopefully you can get some of that stuff cleared out soon and feel like you can BREATHE!

brseay says 17th July @ 11:10

After spending nearly a week w/my mother and MIL on vacation I completely empathasize w/your experiences w/the aunt. Family is great but it’s not always a vacation when you take them on vacation.

Some place new sounds like a great idea but make sure it’s just you and DH. You guys need the time together and the time away from everyone else and the responsibilites from home. They say that part of the benefit of going on vacation is planning for the vacation and looking forward to it. Maybe you could tie it into weight loss goals. When you hit a certain mark, you get to visit the travel agent. At the next milestone you get to pick a date for the vacation, etc. We’re already planning our vacation for next summer and it’s exciting even though the trip won’t be as extravagant as our vacation this year. I’m also excited b/c I should be at my goal by then which is something to look forward to.

brseay says 17th July @ 11:10

Ooh, another thing I forgot was to check out freecycle.com if you have one in your area. It’s similar to craigslist but everything posted on there is free and the goal is to avoid things going into the landfill. Everything we have posted on there has disappeared w/i a couple of days.

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