Got home yesterday afternoon.  It was good to get to my house.  Good to have the pool that doesn’t crash and bang and throw me around and fill my bathing suit with sand.  Good to have the spa ready whenever I feel the urge to relax.  It was good to catch up on my Whale Wars and Deadliest Catch episodes and stretch out in a king sized bed with lots of room. 

It was a mixed blessing.  I forgot that my mattress kills my back and I have to get a new one.  Woke up a couple of times with my back really hurting.  No one watered the flowers or the veggies so they looked rather bedraggled.  The grass needs cutting.  And then, there were the inevitable issues that come up with people in the house when I’m not here.  Oldest DS came home two days after we left and made himself at home.  Invited people over to swim and relax in the spa.  Used up all the charcoal and I seem to be missing a whole bunch of food from the freezer.

I noticed, when I was away and would log on to FaceBook that DIL (the twins mother who ripped us off for $2,500 in May) kept posting about how much fun it was to swim after dark and sit in the spa while relaxing with a drink.  I called home and asked DS which pool and spa she was talking about.  He said she’d come over a few times with DGD, Holly, to swim and cookout.  No, No, NO!  Not at my house.  I’m usually pretty nice and I put up with a lot but, after she ripped us off by claiming the boys on her taxes and keeping the money, I’m done with her.  I told DS I did not want her in my pool, my spa, my house, my city or my state.  Got a little carried away there with the city and state….He said he didn’t figure it would be a problem since she was bringing Holly over and I told him Holly was more than welcome but Tina is not.

Of course, then I felt bad…I figured if DIL didn’t come over then Holly wouldn’t get to come either and I really don’t have a problem with Holly visiting, staying at the house or using the pool or spa.  Still, I’m so done with DIL that I couldn’t believe she would even have the nerve to come over.  If and when she makes some kind of arrangements with DH and I to pay back the money that should have gone to help with her kids tuition, I’ll think about it.  In the meantime, she’s way up on my sh*t list.  I was also pretty pissed off to find tons of towels, floats, coke cans and crapp all over the backyard.  In fact, a new bathing suit that I just bought last month was lying out in the grass with the entire side ripped out.  I know Holly could have worn it so I can only assume DIL tried to wear it and ripped it out.  Of course, DS says he doesn’t know what happened or how it got out there.

Youngest DS was so aggravated that he left and stayed at a friend’s house while we were gone.  Oldest DS knew I was pretty angry so he packed up his stuff and left about an hour after we got home.

Today, I watered and fertilized the garden, unpacked bags and did laundry, cleaned out my car and spent the rest of the day trying to complete all the registration stuff for Andrew and Steven for school.  I have Steven’s dorm assignment finished, his meal plan completed, and registered and paid for a program called Master Plan that allows them to move in a week early and get introduced to college life and the campus.  I made an appointment with Voc Rehab for Andrew and helped him register for his classes as well.  Then I checked to make sure everything was on the up and up with all the financial aid crapp.

Finally, I took a long look at where I was on my diet and exercise.  I had good plans when we left but I wasn’t prepared for DH to throw me a curve ball with changing plans.  We wound up eating out the entire time and spent a lot of time just sitting in the car as we traveled.  Still, I did get some exercise with exploring Rock City, Ruby Falls, old forts and battleships and playing in the waves on the beach and I tried to eat halfway sensibly.

I finally went out and did my 60 laps in the pool and threw in one extra just because I could.  Took a shower and weighed myself.  I didn’t come back to Onederland but I’m pretty close.  201 pounds.  I lost a little while we were gone but not much.  Still, that’s better than gaining and I’m pretty happy about it.  I’m back on track now with a nice salad planned for dinner, grilled chicken breast and watermelon.


Joy says 16th July @ 6:43

I am glad that you had a safe trip with some nice memories. That was so nice of you to roll with the punches like that on the trip.
DIL should have stayed away. DS should have enough respect to how you would feel about x-DIL coming over .
I am back in our old house. NIGHTMARE!!! It does feel good to be back at home even if only for a while.
I have lost weight but i am not sure how much. Ready to get on the wagon with me???? 🙂

brseay says 16th July @ 8:20

I don’t know how you do it…my blood pressure goes up when I read about your DIL!!!

And WTG on actually losing while on vacation–that’s like losing 10 pounds in real life. Keep the momentum going.

Oh, now you’re ahead of me. After my last few days of inhaling food like a dustbuster I’m up to 204. Ugh.

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