Been running around all over the east coast the last few days. We decided to head to Savannah and stopped to see DH’s sister on the way.  That took up an afternoon and then we made it to Savannah that night.   Used to live there about 35 years ago.  Nothing looked familiar but it sure was pretty.  We found a wonderful little hotel that was inexpensive, had wifi and a pool out in the sun.  We had the pool to ourselves all morning, toured Savannah and then had the pool again that night without another soul to disturb us.

The next morning, we checked out and visited Fort Pulaski before leaving.  The architecture was astounding.  They must have used a million bricks building that thing.  Actually, they probably used more than that and the intricasies of the arches and ventilation were incredible.  It was 100 degrees and the grounds and rooms in the fort were cool and breezy.  Don’t know how they fared in the winter but it doesn’t get all that cold in Savannah anyway.

Leaving Savannah, we drove up Hwy 17 along the coast and pulled over for the night in a Jameson Inn.  Again, we had the pool to ourselves and the room was really nice.  The boys enjoyed hot waffles for breakfast and we had wifi, a refrigerator and microwave.  All for a great price of $50. 

We got up this morning and went to Huntington Beach.  It was pouring when we woke up but the sun came out for a few minutes and we decided to hit it.  Again, we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  I got a terrific workout fighting the crashing waves and the boys were really enjoying the ocean but a storm came up and we wound up in a downpour.  Here’s a picture of Andrew and Steven walking down the beach.  As you can see, it was totally deserted.  You can also see the storm just before it hit.

The rain didn’t bother me but the lightning did.  Time to get out of the water.  I had a coverup for my bathing suit but it got drenched and so did all our towels.  We made a mad dash for the car and piled in.  Our intent had been to leave the beach and change clothes in the dressing room but it was raining buckets so we just jumped in the car and headed toward the highway.  The rain was coming down so hard, we had to keep the air-conditioning going to keep the windows clear.  I asked DH to pull over at a gas station and, while we were under the canopy, he got in the trunk and got clean, dry clothes for himself and the twins and they headed in the gas station to change clothes.  MY suitcase was on the very bottom and it would have required unpacking the entire trunk to get to it so DH handed me one of his tee shirts.  The guys all emerged from the station in warm, dry clothes but I was FREEZING. The minute I put the tee shirt on over my wet bathing suit, it was sopping wet.  I shivered for the next hour or so until we came to a K-Mart and I went in the store wearing a wet bathing suit covered by a wet tee shirt that went to my knees and flip flops.  I bought a huge tee shirt on clearance and a pair of flannel pajama pants, paid for them, and then went directly in the rest room and changed. 

Finally, warm and toasty, we kept on moving down the road, through Myrtle Beach (which held no appeal for us) and aimed for Wilminton, North Carolina, where we’d made a reservation using the Jameson Inn brochure.  Unfortunately, this Inn is not the little treasure the last one was.  We don’t have a fridge or a microwave and our room is on the third floor.  No balcony or window to open and it cost us $110 for the night. 

Tomorrow morning, the boys want to visit the USS North Carolina battleship and then we’re heading toward the Outer Banks.  Not exactly sure where we’ll visit but I’d like to see Rodanthe or Ocrakoke.  Love those wild deserted beaches.


pepagirl says 8th July @ 23:17

Lol, reminds me of my week! We went to a theme park this past Sunday and got drenched walking to the car. It was such a down pour that we just took off everything but our unmentionables right there in the car in the parking lot. It was that heavy of a down pour that no one could see us, lol! I imagined the whole way home what would happen if we got pulled over, me in my see-thru bathing suit cover up (which was the only thing I had not soaked) and DH shirtless in his swim trunks, fun times. If you head to Rodanthe you’ll only be 2hrs from Virginia Beach and we have been having some wild weather up here for the past week, hope the storms stay away for you!

patty says 10th July @ 7:27

We’re headed that way Pepagirl!

brseay says 10th July @ 17:45

Sorry to laugh but I can just imagine you strolling through KMart all sopping wet. Why does it always seem that the woman’s suitcase is the one that gets lost, is on the bottom, has shampoo spilled all over it…??? Even though it’s not the traditional beach picture the photo is really beautiful.

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