Finally….Today is Steven’s graduation.  I have to work but he finished school yesterday and his graduation is today at noon.  Teachers get to work in their rooms until 11:00 and then we head over to Gheens Auditorium to don full regalia and participate in the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we’ll head over to Golden Corral where we’ve reserved a room and have his party.  It’s been a long road for Steven and I never doubted we’d get here.  I’m so proud of him. 

After today, I’m working summer school Monday and Tuesday from 8:00 to noon and I’ll be DONE!

Looks like I’m the only one venturing out today.  DH called in sick.  DGS, Andrew is between semesters and off for the summer.  DGS, Steven has decided to “cut” today since it’s senior field day at Holiday World and he doesn’t want to go.

Today is an easy day.  Things are wrapping up.  Tomorrow is the kids last day of school.  Friday is graduation and Steven’s graduation party.  I’m teaching summer school Monday and Tuesday and then I’m done.  Since the budget for education is terrible, the school can’t afford to keep me as a Technology Resource Teacher so I’ll be teaching full time classes next year and I’ve been moving my stuff out of the library and into the classroom.  Not much different than what I’ve been doing the last couple of years.  Full time teaching is four classes and I’ve taught three classes anyway so there’s not much difference.  Guess I’ll continue moving more stuff today.

An interesting little tidbit.  Someone showed up to serve me with papers yesterday.  I wasn’t home so DH talked to them.  Seems like I owe $17,000 on a credit card and they’ve been looking for me for 10 years since I moved from West Ormsby Street.  Interesting…since I’ve never lived on West Ormsby and never took out a charge card from this company and certainly never charged $17,000 on it.

About 12 years ago, there was a scandal at the school I worked at.  One of the student office aides took a sign-in sheet form the office for a Professional Development session a bunch of teachers attended.  At that time, we were required to sign in and provide social securtiy numbers.  A practice I ranted about continually.  I didn’t like writing down my SSN and felt that should be confidential information.  We were told that it was kept strictly confidential.  Not too confindential, since a student aide was able to lift the sheet and give it to her boyfriend and his homeboys.  They took out a bunch of charge cards in teachers names.  I was on the list but, at the time, the investigators told me no accounts had been opened in my name.  I kept a close eye on it for a year or so and then forgot about it.  The student got probation and her boyfriend went to jail.  I thought that was the end of it.  Evidently not.

My attorney is looking into it.  sigh….