There ought to be a song about quiet summer mornings.  Something about sitting out on the patio with a cup of coffee watching the birds on the feeders.  Checking out the newest blooms on the flowers and knowing you really don’t have to do anything at the moment except relax and enjoy the scenery.

Everyone is still sleeping and I’ve been up two hours.  A rare treat to have total quiet and the house to myself. I even eased the backache by sitting in the spa for a while.  In a few minutes, I’ll get dressed and go to the garden to stake a few tomatoes.  Had to use bug dust yesterday.  I hate using it but something is eating through the corn stalks and chopping them off at the base.  Went out yesterday to find another three or four stalks totally eaten through at the base and lying on the ground.  Something’s also eating the blossoms on the tomato plants.  So I had to dust.  The “not so nice” part of vegetable gardening.

I sent an email to our city councilman about getting a community garden.  Not an hour later, he replied and said because of the re-districting last year, he’s no longer our councilman.  Said it was a great idea and he’d love to be involved but would have to forward my email to our new councilman, Brent Ackerson.  I thanked him, waited a week and sent another email to Brent Ackerson just in case he didn’t get the forwarded message.  He’s yet to respond.  Not even a “received your email, will get back with you”.  Kind of pisses me off that he can’t even take a second to let me know he got my letter.

I got a packet from my attorney yesterday.  Fourteen pages I have to fill out about the circumstances related to identity theft.  It asks about all the details surrounding the event and I’m trying to remember names and dates from ten years ago.  The fact that a student got a bunch of teacher SSNs and her boyfriend used them to get charge cards was pretty much hushed up.  No school wants that kind of information getting out.  It makes it difficult to get the facts after all these years.  Guess I should call my attorney.  I don’t have a clue about how I would get the report.  The girl was a minor and I don’t even remember her name.  The principal retired and moved to Florida and, although I’ve called several teachers I worked with at the time, everyone else is about as vague about it as I am.

I’ve still got the spark going.  Thought about going ahead and doing my laps while I’m out here on the patio in my bathing suit but I’m toasty warm and comfy and not in any hurry to jump into a pool that’s 66 degrees today.  No…better to do that this afternoon when it’s really hot.  During vacation, I won’t have access to scales and I’m really looking forward to coming home and finding myself back in Onederland.  I’m at 203 this morning.  Planning my big homecoming to Onederland will keep me motivated during vacation to stay on track and I should be happy when I finally step on the scales again.

Ahhhh…I’ve indulged long enough.  Time to get a shower and get to work.  Have a good one, ladies!

4:00 Update – Weeded the garden and staked a few more plants.  Mowed the grass in the front and back yards.  Got all hot and sweaty so I jumped in the pool and did 50 laps.  Then, just for the Hell of it, I did one more.  Added two laps of sidestroke and called it quits.  Still sparkin!


brseay says 29th June @ 16:05

I couldn’t imagine having a job where I had to work all year long and didn’t get to truly enjoy summer. There is something so blissful about being able to do what you want, when you want (within reason). Every summer makes me realize that I could happily be independently wealthy and live on my terms 🙂

WTG on the physical day. Where are you going on vacation? I know you may have said but I have forgotten. Coming back to onederland will be a great thought to keep you on track while away…staying in onederland is my goal while we’re gone!

jewlz280 says 30th June @ 10:14

That stinks he hasn’t gotten back with you! Especially after how quickly the other guy did! Makes you want to get more involved with politics except for all the headaches! LOL Hopefully it’s just due to this being the week before a holiday weekend and you’ll hear back sometime next week. Or may drop him another line or even call his office to see if he received it. I’d be a burr in his backside, but not enough of one to cause TOO much irritation. You know those politicians — always so touchy! LOL

You’re doing great on getting back in gear! You’ll be back in Onederland before you know it! I don’t know how you get in that cold pool and do it, but keep kickin’ it’s butt! Well, and your own, I guess! LOL

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