I was up at 11:30 to pee.  Also at 1:30, 3:00, 4:00, 5:30, 7:00 and 8:30.  My God!  I must have lost a gallon of water weight last night.  Funny how one day of being back on track can make such a difference.  I must have been consuming a lot of sodium.  Too bad I don’t have any scales here to celebrate a loss.  Yes, Susan, I’ve seen Super Size Me.  Scary stuff!  Besides that, if I eat that kind of junk all the time, it doesn’t even taste good.

Yesterday, I had a Wendy’s Berry Almond Salad with grilled chicken for lunch.  Dinner was a salad with lite dressing and a turkey and swiss sandwich on 7 grain bread.  I snacked on a fruit bowl and a few rice crackers. 

I ate yogurt with a fork for breakfast but noticed that the fridge in our room froze my salad greens and tomatoes even though it was on the lowest setting.  Damn!  We went in search of a grocery yesterday and drove ten miles to discover that there wasn’t any grocery close to us in Tunica.  The GPS showed a Kroger 14 miles farther up the road so we drove twenty four miles to find a decent grocery.  I asked the woman at the hotel registration desk if there was anything closer and she said there’s a little grocery about 15 miles from here but they don’t have a lot.  Where do people around here get groceries?  I know the casino area is way out by the river but there’s got to be a closer grocery.  There are a few gas station/convenience stores in the area.  If someone put a Kroger in Tunica, they’d hit a gold mine.

I’m feeling cheap today.  I don’t take well to losing money.  Always think about what I could have bought with the cash the slot machines swallowed.  I know I shouldn’t feel that way.  We’ve lost $150 but we got a free hotel room with an indoor pool and spa for four days, 2 free breakfast buffets and 2 dinner buffets.  We enjoy playing and the time away gives us a chance to relax.  Well worth $150 but, like I said, I’m feeling cheap.  Steven starting college this fall has me scrimping and scraping.  Feels decadent to be out playing the slots.  Today’s limit is $20.  Yeah, I know…I’m cheap.

Okay, I’m off to the slots!


Joy says 23rd June @ 7:10

That is how it is for us here in the middle of no where Ohio. The town store (right out of mayberry) is 20 minutes in and REAL expensive. The WalMart is 30 in. They just stink. The closest REAL grocery store is 40 minutes away. I am soooo glad we are moving soon and a real store is 5 minutes away! Woohooo
How is the rest of your trip going? Are you feeling better?
Have a great time!

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