It’s taken more than a week off work but I’m beginning to re-energize.  Feeling better than I have in quite a while.  I’m looking around and seeing all the mess everyone makes and it has me on the warpath.

Yesterday, I waged war on the backyard.  DS is rebuilding a golf cart and he had parts all over the patio.  He was also working on a pressure washer and a lawnmower.  We had to get the pool cleaned up after DH replaced the pump. We also had to mow the grass, get my fountain going in the koi pond and clean up the mess that accumulated over the winter.

After that, I came in and started on the laundry.  The boys go through a ton of laundry and most of it is totally unnecessary.  They pull on  a shirt, decide not to wear it and toss it in the hamper.  They start a load of wash and then leave.  Everytime I go to wash, I have a load of wet clothes in the washer, a load of dry, wrinkled clothes in the dryer and a pile three feet high dumped on the downstairs couch.  We have two, count em, TWO laundry baskets full of clean socks.  I folded everything and put it away and told them the next time they start a load of laundry and don’t finish it and put it away, I’m confiscating it.  I told everyone to match up socks because whatever they don’t match by tonight and put away is hitting the trash.

It doesn’t help that I have three “homes” to take care of.  We have sheets and towels and dishclothes and blankets that belong in Florida, the RV and the house.  I have Florida stuff in my linen closet.  I have RV stuff in my linen closet.  When we take a trip, the laundry should be done and put back where it belongs.  Right now, I can’t get another thing in the linen closet and it all has to be sorted and put where it belongs to make room.  We don’t have a washer in the cabin in Florida so I wind up bringing stuff home where it should be cleaned and packed in a box to take back to Florida.  I guess some of that is my fault.  I shouldn’t bring Florida stuff back to Kentucky but it seems like whenever we leave, I make the bed with clean sheets and put out clean towels and bring the dirty stuff home with us.  I need to make a habit of going to the laundromat in Florida the day before we leave.

I cleaned the bathroom yesterday the way mama cleans.  Scrubbed everything, took all the stuff off the glass shelves and windexed them, put out clean matching towels and two hours later, it was all messed up.  Toothpaste was on the counter with the lid off and it had oozed a green gel all over the place, deodorant was on the sink, towels were gone and shampoo, conditioner, bathgel, a razor and washclothes were all over the place. 

By the time evening rolled around, everyone had come to the conclusion that I was on the warpath and they all wished they could send me back to work.

More later…I have to clean house.


brseay says 13th June @ 22:09

Atta girl! Keep on the warpath 🙂 Our district brought in an “expert” one time (who was actually very good) who said he and his wife pick up anything that isn’t put away at the end of the day. Their kids get their stuff back on Christmas. It took a while for them to get the point but his kids don’t leave stuff laying around anymore.

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