I’m glad I’m not single.  Dating is just too hard.  Yesterday was a disaster.

First of all, let’s not forget that it’s a week late.  I couldn’t get appointments for the massages until Friday even though our anniversary was last Sunday.  We were scheduled at 3:00.  I called them Wednesday to confirm and asked if they had any earlier appointments available but they were booked solid.

I worked in the garden and then came in and began the formidable task of cleaning up at 1:00.  I scrubbed my nails and cut them.  Shaved my legs, shampooed and conditioned, shaved my underarms, scrubbed with a loofah and used moisturizer from head to toe.  As soon as I finished, DH hit the shower and did the male version of making himself presentable.  We were finishing up at 2:15 when the phone rang.

“Mrs. R.?  We had you and your husband scheduled for a couple’s massage at 2:00.  Did you forget?”

“No, I didn’t forget.  We’re scheduled at 3:00.  I just confirmed it with you guys on Wednesday.”

“No, ma’am, I’m looking right at it.  You were scheduled for 2:00.”

“No.  I made an appointment for 3:00 a couple of weeks ago.  I called you Wednesday and said, ‘This is Mrs. R.  My husband and I have appointments this Friday at 3:00.  Is there any possibility of us coming in earlier?’  The woman I spoke to told me you were booked solid and didn’t have any earlier openings and I said, ‘Okay, we’ll be there Friday at 3:00.”

“Do you know who you talked you?”

Do you ever know who you spoke to?  Everytime someplace goofs up, they want you to tell them who you spoke to. Like it’s going to make a difference.  If I tell them who it was, is that going to make it all right again?  Does that mean we’ll get our massages?   I actually remembered who I spoke to.  “I think her name was Crystal?”

“Well, I’ve been off the last two days and it’s possible she made a mistake.  It would have been Crystal who made appointments when I was out but she has you down at 2:00.  I’m sorry for the mixup.  Would you like to reschedule?”

To make a long story short, their next available appointment was on June 28th.  I listened to apologies and tried to sway them with the anniversary routine but they said they didn’t have anything available until the 28th.

Damn!  DH and I were ready to head out the door.  I was feeling really down.  It was my anniversary surprise for him and, without the massage, it was nothing more than a movie and dinner. It may not seem like much but you have to understand that DH gets up for work at 3:00 a.m. each day and he’s in the habit of going to bed at 7:00.  We don’t get out a lot.   We were definitely feeling the let-down but tried to regroup and reorganize and make the best of it.  He went on-line searching for a new pool pump and I fooled around the house until it was time to leave for the movie.

We got to the theatre, got in line for tickets and I asked for two tickets for Thor 3D.  “I’m sorry, we’re showing Thor but not Thor 3D.”  I told her I’d checked the newspaper and it said they were showing Thor 3D.  She informed me that the paper is always wrong.  They’re even thinking about discontinuing their movie times listing in the paper because they’re never right.

DH was NOT interested in seeing Thor without the 3D effects so we asked about Pirates of the Caribbean 3D.  It was showing but had already started and we’d have to wait more an hour and a half for the next showing.  We went out to the car to discuss our options.  DH started whining about how late it would be if the movie didn’t even start until 7:00 and he wanted to be home by 8:00.  (I’m not kidding.  He’s worse than a two year old.)  I suggested we forget about Cheddars since it was on the other side of town, have an early dinner at a little Italian place we used to visit that was close and then come back for Pirates. 

We headed on down the road to Jeffersontown.  Pulled into the restaurant parking lot and found that they’d closed down.  The mood was Black.  We were both frustrated and disappointed and just decided to go home.  I was really annoyed and irritable.  I couldn’t figure out why EVERYTHING  had gone wrong.  DH kept trying to pacify me but it just wasn’t working.  I was angry with the massage clinic.  Angry with the Movie theatre.  Angry with the restaurant.  He finally said, “Let’s go ahead and go to Cheddars for dinner and catch the earliest matinee for Thor tomorrow.”

That’s what we did. Cheddars is not a place to go if you’re feeling used and abused.  They have way too much comfort food.  I found consolation in the worst way.  I had a huge Margarita and ate fried chicken tenders and potato skins.  Snatched quite a few onion rings, too.  Probably gained back the four pounds I lost.  I’m not weighing myself today. 

Thor 3D is showing at 11:30.


jewlz280 says 11th June @ 11:13

Oh cripes! That IS awful! I’m so sorry. 🙁 Nothing else to say but hopefully the scale gods take pity on you after such a horrid night!

brseay says 11th June @ 18:46

Ooh, Pat. What an awful date! That’s good, though, that your hubby was trying to console you instead of getting grumpy.

Definitely avoid the scale for a few days but don’t take that as a license to eat anything. Use these few days to avoid sodium and super-carby things so you don’t retain water and can be happy w/what you see on the scale. Make the scale work for you 🙂

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