DH wants to leave.  He wants me to grab a few clothes and head out to the RV for a weekend at the casino.

I don’t really want to go but I’m exhausted.  The house is a disaster and we have tons of yard work.  I’d planned on tackling some of it this weekend.  We have junk pickup twice a year and it happens next weekend.  We need to get rid of a bunch of useless stuff.  Some old tires and just general junk.  DH’s shed is so full of junk we can’t even get in it.  He has three lawnmowers.  Three???  No one’s ridden a bicycle around here for at least three years and yet we have five of them.

Still, I’m feeling abused.  I hurt today.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of my fall yesterday.  I ache all over.  My knees are still raw and I’m sitting here in the recliner staring at my broken toe.  Swollen and black and blue.

I can’t take the entire weekend but I guess I’ll get up, pack some clothes and head out to Manny, the RV.  Set it up in the RV area at the casino and relax today and tomorrow.

After the chaos of the last few months, I guess another week won’t make any difference.  Maybe I’ll win and get my picture taken and be able to retire next week.



jewlz280 says 28th May @ 11:23

After the ROTC debacle, you most definitely deserve a break! Go, relax, and then when you come back feeling more refreshed you can tackle whatever projects you need to.

optimismconfidencelaughter says 28th May @ 15:20

Well you could see if there is a freecycle around you where you can unload the stuff if you don’t get it into the pick up. Google “freecycle” and see. You have to donate the first time but after that you can actually ask for things! I get binders for school etc that way.


Joy says 30th May @ 5:44

You just relax, heal, and get some rest. You would not be able to do that much with a broken toe anyhow. The mess and the stuff can wait. YOU need some time to rest. How many days of school left???
Have your DS or your DGS help you with this stuff when you get back.

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