We went out to dinner last night.  We have some friends that we haven’t been able to spend much time with in the last couple of years.  Went to Saki Blue and had the hibachi grill.  Kind of nice to see the hibachi maistros tossing eggs in the air, cracking them with the edge of a knife and expertly whipping away the shell to have the eggs land perfectly on the grill.  The hibachi dinner included seared shrimp appetizers, fried rice, tossed salad with ginger sesame dressing, miso soup, fillet mignon, zuchinni, onions, yellow squash, broccoli and carrots all grilled perfectly through a haze of flashing knives and spatulas.  It was fun.  I figured if the world was going to end anyway, I might as well go in a sake haze.

We drove quite a ways to get to the restaurant and passed a sweet little donut shop that we haven’t been to in years.  I mentioned it when I got home and got moans and groans of orgasmic intensity from the entire crew.  These donuts are so good, they sell out every morning.  The posted hours on the shop don’t mean anything.  They get up and start making doughnuts at 5:00 a.m. and close the doors when they’re gone.  Usually by 9:00 in the morning.  I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and decided to surprise everyone by driving all the way to Fern Creek to get donuts.  I got there at 5:30 and was able to get two dozen assorted treasures.  Came home and went back to bed for a couple of hours.  I was awakened to shouts of joy from Jake and Scout.  Pretty soon, the entire crew was up and gorging themselves on donuts.  Between DH, DS and 4 grandkids, including 20 year old twins, Andrew and Steven grabbing doughnuts and chugging milk and coffee, I decided they probably wouldn’t last very long so I joined in on the gluttony.  Ahhhh…Good thing I only get out there every three years or so.

DGS, Steven, will be heading off to WKU this fall.  I can’t believe how expensive it is.  I was married and had kids when I was in college.  Had to wait until the kids were old enough and then work three jobs to make it through.  DGS, Andrew, chose to attend a community college here in Louisville, lives with us, and his grants take care of his tuition so we really don’t have too much expense where he’s concerned.  Except for the fact that we support him. Steven, on the other hand, is really straining the budget.  The dorm is $2,000 each semester.  Classes are $4,000 each semester.  Food is $1,500 each semester.  I knew about all that.  I didn’t know about all the other stuff.  It just seems like it’s something everyday.  We bought him a microwave.  Bought a used TV.  Bought a carpet for his room.  The KAP program (Kelly Autism Program) is $2,500 each semester.  With his Asperger’s I don’t see how he can make it without being enrolled in this program.  I think it’ll be a fantastic program for him but still…$5,000 per year?  And then we bought a mini fridge for his room.  Found out his early orientation program is $150.  Today, I got a flyer in the mail that says regular sheets will not fit the dorm beds and we need to order them through the school.  $270 will get him two pillows, 2 sets of sheets, a waffle pad for the bed, a mattress cover, a fleece blanket and comforter and enough towels and washclothes to get him through the year.  He said he’d like to have a new bike to get him around campus and I told him he has all summer to earn the money to buy one.  He looked at me like I was speaking Latin.  Why am I dealing with this stuff at my age?  If I can just hang on for another four years, I can retire.

In the meantime, the Senior Awards Banquet is this Thursday.  I have to help with that.  ROTC Field Day is Friday and I have to help with that.  Steven’s graduation party is the 3rd and I’m preparing for that.  Food, food and more food.  Today I have to cook the dinner I auctioned off last Thursday and take it to work tomorrow for the teacher who won the bidding.  I’m preparing a pork loin with mango chipotle marinade, sauteed green beans with almond butter and lemon zest and new potatoes.  Finishing it off with Almond Chess tarts.  I don’t think I’ll be starting my diet anytime soon….


susan says 22nd May @ 14:07

Ha! Look at us: side by side on the old 3FC blog roster. Just like the old days 🙂

Doughnuts. God love ’em. We have a donut machine at our restaurant that we are going to crank up when we start opening for breakfast. Part of me can’t wait and the other part of me is dreading it. There’s a chain of donut stores around here called the Fractured Prune. I keep wanting to go on a donut-education-field trip to one.

beerab says 23rd May @ 9:56

The donuts sound heavenly 🙂

$5,000 is actually super cheap for school. My school cost $18,000/year but for the most part I had grants and loans and I think out of pocket my parents paid around 10 grand for the four years I went to university. I did my master’s on my own though and now I’ve got $30 grand in student loans that I’ll be paying off for the next 8 years (10 year payment plan)!

Glad to see you around still.

Joy says 24th May @ 6:19

I am so sorry. I did not see your message to me through this site. I am not getting any e-mails alerts from here or facebook sent to my aol addy.
I think this sounds great. When do you want to start chickie?
No do NOT sign up for a million school things this summer. This summer needs to be all about you, your health, feeling better, etc…… Let me know when you want to start. I think I may get started myself Thursday.
Have a great week.

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