Who’s THAT?

Is that me?  Are you kidding?  Is that really ME?  Good Lord!  I look like sh*t!

Went on my annual trip to King’s Island yesterday as a chaperone.  DH and DS went, too.  The school is required to have one chaperone for every 10 students and the entire eighth grade went.  My good friend, Phyllisann, always asks us to go.  It’s an easy gig.  We get assigned our kids and we ride on the bus with them.  When we get to the park, we set up a “headquarters” area and the kids are supposed to check in at a certain time.  We were supposed to be back at headquarters between 2:00 and 3:00 to check off the names on our lists.  Other than that, we were free to do what we wanted all day.

We rode the Diamondback roller coaster.  We’re roller coaster fanatics and, I have to admit, this one was pretty intense.  We seemed to be in absolute freefall for most of the ride.  Usually, we hold our arms up and just let go.  This one?  We held on for dear life!

At any rate, when we got off, they had pictures available for purchase.  There was DS in a beautiful shot, laughing and having a great time!  In the row in front of him, DH was riding the rattler in true style!  In the seat next to DH, there was an old fat woman.  She may have been laughing and having a great time on the coaster but she was NOT having a good time at the picture counter.  My God!  Is that me??  Ugghhh…Don’t buy the picture, BURN IT!  DAMN!

It is WAY past time to get back on track.  How many times have I been here?  How could I be at the highest weight of my entire life?  It seems almost hopeless. 

By the time we left the park, I was limping along with my ten little chicklets following me across the parking lots to the far, far, corner where our buses were parked.  It’s a good thing I had well-behaved kids because I don’t think I would have had the strength to deal with them otherwise.  They could have snorted coke and had sex in the seats and I wouldn’t have cared.  I was totally SHOT!  My back was screaming, my ankles were throbbing, my head hurt.  And the seats on schoolbuses are not designed for comfort.  It was like riding on a plank of wood for 2 1/2 hours.  My butt was numb.  When we got back to school, I practically threw my kids into their parents waiting cars.  I hope there weren’t any perverts hanging around.  It was “Want a kid?  Take em!  Here, which one do you want?  Go! Get out of here!  Don’t be picky, just take a kid and let me go home.”

We got home and I hit the bed and don’t remember anything else.  Slept for ten hours and only had to go to the bathroom once during the night.   Usually, it’s two or three times a night. 

School is coming to an end.  The ROTC Dining Out Banquet is done.  The Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is done.  The refreshments for the Art Department Auction are done.  The NHS Dinner’s Done Auction is done.  All that’s left is the Senior Awards Dinner.  DS is catering for 350 this coming Thursday and I always help him.  That’s the final dinner of the year.  How do I get roped into all these dinners, anyway?  I’m surrounded by food and cooking.

I held the National Honor Society Dinner’s Done auction Thursday.  I came up with this little gig last year and it went over pretty well.  This year, we did even better.  I asked nine teachers to fix a nice Sunday dinner for their families this weekend and double everything so they could bring in a dinner on Monday.  We had an online auction Thursday and I kept posting the winning bids every hour until 2:30 in the afternoon.  My dinner went for $110.00.  I was shocked!  All in all, we raised $529 this year.  I established a National Honor Society Scholarship and we’ll be able to give the winner $1,000 toward their tuition or books.  I’m fixing a pork loin with mango chiplotle marinade, sautted green beans with almond butter and lemon zest, herbed new potatoes and almond chess tarts for six.  I hadn’t intended to purchase a dinner myself, but I made a mistake with the bidding Thursday.  I accidentally entered a $42.00 bid from one staff member for a dinner and, after the auction was finished, he told me he had only bid $35.00.  I told him not to worry about it…I’d buy it myself for $42 unless he wanted it.  Sheesh!  It was a dinner for four of spinach and cheese enchiladas, spanish rice, and lemon squares.  Well worth it!  All I’ll have to do for dinner Monday night is bring it home and heat it up.

Let’s see…what else is going on?  Oh, for those of you who know the story, I felt validated yesterday on my opinion of my bitch DIL.  One of the parent chaperones on the field trip asked if I was related to her and I told her she’s my ex-DIL.  This woman said, “You poor thing.  She’s totally psycho.  I won’t even let her in my house.”  Turns out, she’s a cousin and has had her own share of run ins with Stacy.  We spent a glorious thirty minutes or so comparing horror stories.  She said she and her husband were always wondering about how DS could stand it and why he stayed with her.  I told her DIL has custody of the kids now and she was totally shocked.  If nothing else, it made me feel slightly vindicated.  She shared family stories about things Stacy has done to the family and how they’ve all black listed her.  She even told me Stacy came to her and her husband begging for money to pay DS when he had custody of the kids because she was going to go to jail for delinquent child support.  They loaned her $1,000 and she never paid it back.  I shared with her that DS only received a total of $380 in child support for the entire two years he had custody of the kids.  She was livid.  She said she and her husband had a long debate about whether or not to loan her the money because they figured they’d never see it again but they came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to her, it was going to Jake and Scout.  Never happened.  I’m sure that $1,000 went right up her nose.

Alright, enough.  I’ve got work to do.  We’re supposed to go to dinner with friends tonight and DS wants me to go to Elizabethtown (a 45 minute drive) with him to borrow my sister’s rotor tiller.  The garden should have been in a long time ago but it’s been too wet.  Maybe we can get it done this weekend.

Later, chicklets!


susan says 22nd May @ 9:13

As usual, I got many chuckles reading your entry. I too, have one of those roller coaster pictures. “Okay, there’s DS, his friend and my friend, but who is that sitting next to DS???” The only thing I was lovin’ about myself were my bosoms, which are the first to grow and the first to shrink.

You are a Treasure to your school. Just sayin’.

In re: DIL; wow, I can’t believe that crap has been going on for two years. It is nice to be vindicated.

Just planted my garden in the rain ~ figured I wouldn’t have to drag the hose out 🙂

brseay says 22nd May @ 14:07

The end of the year is chaos so I think it’s wise to not even worry about starting diet/exercise right now. Just make sure it’s doesn’t turn into a feeding frenzy where you add on a few more pounds to make the climb a bit more uphill.

I hope you’re still planning to keep the summer for yourself. If that’s the case (and if it’s not I’ll be on your back) then make it a great kickoff for the last time you’re going to have to start this. Is there a program over the summer you can enroll in? This 10 week program I’m in (I just finished week 7) has been exactly what I needed b/c it focused my efforts and for once the scale is consistently moving downward. I know when it’s over that I’ll have to keep up the intensity and clean eating but now I know that I can.

Hang in there, school is almost done. We have 8 days left, only 2 more days for seniors!!!! Our awards night is tomorrow and I’m in charge so basically once I wake up Tuesday morning my life is awesome!

Good to see you on here 🙂

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