Sweet Sixteen!

Sixteen more days with students!  I’m run ragged but I send the end in sight.  I haven’t had time to breath lately, much less post but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, I have to teach my classes, create and print a graduation program for our eighth graders, sell candy after school, attend a staff meeting after school, work on completing our student ILPs (I have another hundred or so to get done), go to the bank for ROTC, work on the plan for a “Dinner’s Done” fundraiser for the National Honor Society Scholarship, finish up a newsletter for our Men of Quality program and then have dinner at Sistah Pam’s.

Every day is like this.  If I sit back and look at what I’ve done, it looks pretty awesome.  But, there isn’t any time to sit back and look at it.  It’s “finish one job and move right into the next” without taking a breath.  So much to get done and so little time.

I’m still here.  Not doing too bad.  Just running as fast as I can.


susan says 10th May @ 18:08

Hey Patty!
You have inspired me to dust off the old Happy Hag blog again, even though I have nothing but naughtiness to confess to 🙂
Your days must be whizzing by. Hope you reserved summer for you, you, you!

beerab says 10th May @ 23:47

Glad you checked in! Good luck keeping on it!

brseay says 12th May @ 18:03

OK, I don’t feel so bad about barely being on here now 🙂 All I can say is BRING ON SUMMER!!!!!

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