DH wants to leave.  He wants me to grab a few clothes and head out to the RV for a weekend at the casino.

I don’t really want to go but I’m exhausted.  The house is a disaster and we have tons of yard work.  I’d planned on tackling some of it this weekend.  We have junk pickup twice a year and it happens next weekend.  We need to get rid of a bunch of useless stuff.  Some old tires and just general junk.  DH’s shed is so full of junk we can’t even get in it.  He has three lawnmowers.  Three???  No one’s ridden a bicycle around here for at least three years and yet we have five of them.

Still, I’m feeling abused.  I hurt today.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of my fall yesterday.  I ache all over.  My knees are still raw and I’m sitting here in the recliner staring at my broken toe.  Swollen and black and blue.

I can’t take the entire weekend but I guess I’ll get up, pack some clothes and head out to Manny, the RV.  Set it up in the RV area at the casino and relax today and tomorrow.

After the chaos of the last few months, I guess another week won’t make any difference.  Maybe I’ll win and get my picture taken and be able to retire next week.


I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, NEVER work with ROTC again.

The Senior Awards Dinner Banquet was last night.  DS cooked 15 full trays of food and served 350 guests.  As I expected, I had to work.  I was supposed to present the National Honor Society Scholarships last night so I came home from school, dropped off Jake and Steven and changed clothes.   Went with a slight heel and brocade jacket.  Should have thought that one out…it was hot in the building.  The air goes off at 3:30 and things were definitely getting warm by 5:30.  I wore a rather clingy sleeveless cami blouse and didn’t feel comfortable without the jacket.  I was sweaty and uncomfortable with the heavy brocade.

I arrived to a panic because they couldn’t locate the dinner menues I’d printed and given to the senior counselor.  Finally discovered that someone had locked them in the safe because the menues were also the dinner tickets and they wanted to keep them from being given out to uninvited guests.  The teacher who was supposed to be organizing our student helpers didn’t have a clue about what needed to be done and I was down in the dining area supervising the placement of tables, chairs, flower arrangements, candles, placemats, plastic dinnerware, etc.  The teachers who were supposed to be in the kitchen helping DS were called “servers/kitchen helpers” and were sitting at a table in the cafeteria enjoying iced tea and chatting.  They were supposed to be following DS’s orders but when he asked them to plate salads and set up the drink station and the entree tables, they told him they were told they were just there to dish up the entrees when diners came to eat.  He didn’t feel comfortable ordering them around so I took the helm and got them going. Thank God my oldest DS was helping out in the kitchen or we would have had major problems. He was working right along beside his younger brother even though he wasn’t being paid. It was hectic and chaotic and I was acutely aware of how much needed to be done in a short amount of time.  Everyone pitched in but they defintely needed a chief to help them figure out the big picture.

By then, I was being summoned to the theatre to give out scholarships and I stood at the podium in front of 350 assorted seniors, parents, colleagues and guest speakers in my jazzy brocade jacket with sweat trickling down my back and running between my butt cheeks.  My hair was damp and curly from the heat of the kitchen and I was keenly aware of sweat on my upper lip and hair line.  Guess I should be grateful that it wasn’t running down my nose.

I saw DH, Andrew and my oldest DS in the audience and saw that they had saved me a chair but I exited the theatre as soon as I gave out my awards and headed back downstairs to the dining area and kitchen to check on dinner preparations.  We have a very large lobby off the cafeteria and the lobby was set up with dining tables.  Guests would be served salads, drinks and desserts in the dining area and would only enter the cafeteria for a short period of time to go to the appropriate table (baked ziti, chicken primavera, or some kind of vegetarian pasta dish), and be handed a plate with entree and warm garlic bread by our teacher-servers.  They would enter on one side, grab their entree and exit on the other side to reenter the lobby.  DS was running the show in the kitchen and I was running back and forth to tell him that we needed another tray of ziti or more bread and he’d send it out.  It really went pretty well but I didn’t sit down for a minute and was deeply regreting my heels, modest as they were.

Finally, things began to slow down, guests began leaving and the clean-up began in earnest. We had plenty of kids to help with cleanup and plenty of adults to supervise them.  I was totally shot and sat down in the cafeteria with a couple of teacher friends to finally eat when Major came in cutting up with a couple of ROTC cadets.  I was shocked when he threw a piece of cake at one of them and they threw another piece back.  He countered with a glass of lemonade and a few more cadets joined in a food fight.  Three or four glasses of lemonade were splashed on kids and six or eight slices of cake were thrown around before I jumped up and started advancing on the scene.  Major ran out the door with cadets in close pursuit and I yelled at him that he’d better get a mop and broom and start cleaning up.

I went in the kitchen and DS ordered me to go home.  No argument there. I was totally exhausted, hot and uncomfortable.  He had things pretty well squared away in the kitchen so I took off my heels and walked barefoot out to my car. 

I arrived home at 10:15 and headed out to the spa.  I had just settled in with a glass of wine when DH brought my cell phone out to me.  It was DS.  He was pissed!  He was ready to head out the door and, when he left the kitchen, he discovered that the cafeteria was still trashed.  None of the tables had been cleaned, the floor wasn’t cleaned and the lemonade and cake from the food fight had been trampled and tracked all over the cafeteria and everyone had gone home.  He was the only person there.  He was calling to ask me how to find one of the custodians and what he should do. 

I told him to walk out and come home.  He was NOT hired to clean the cafeteria and he was NOT responsible for cleaning up after an ROTC food fight. 

About that time, he found a custodian and told me he’d be home soon.  He wasn’t…it was almost midnight when he got home because the custodian freaked out and he stuck around to help her clean the cafeteria.

I woke up this morning and could barely walk after being on my feet for 15 solid hours yesterday so I had a breakfast of coffee and Aleve.  I sent out an email to the ROTC Booster Club parent to remind her to bring me the receipt when she delivered the food for field day today so I could write her a check.

I got to school and planned on working in my room until 9:30 or so before I joined the ROTC kids out at the baseball field/picnic area for field day activities. 

At 8:30, Sarge sent one of the kids up to see me to deliver the message that he hadn’t been able to get the propane tank filled for the grill.  Are you kidding me???  That was his only assignment.  Get the propane filled.  I called him and told him he’d better do something or I’d be grilling 200 hot dogs and 150 burgers on his ass.  He sent another kid up at 8:45 to tell me that he’d been able to get a grill but he didn’t have any charcoal.  Poor kid.  I couldn’t very well kill the messenger so I sent him back downstairs to tell Sarge he’d better figure out a solution or he’d be buying pizza for 100 cadets. 

About that time, Johna showed up.  One of the more reliable parents who had volunteered to help.  I sent her downstairs and Sarge sent her out on a mission to get the propane tank filled.  It was 9:00 by then and I was beginning to get concerned because the parent who was bringing the chips, cookies, plates, cups, napkins and potato salad hadn’t answered my email and hadn’t arrived yet although she was supposed to be there at 8:30.  I called her and got a message that “the number you have called has been disconnected”.  Not a good sign. 

I headed out to the baseball field in my car because the Aleve wasn’t really doing much for my ankles and found Major having another food fight with cadets. He was running around dousing several of the kids with the bottled water I’d purchased and the kids were shaking up the soft drinks I bought, popping the tops, and spraying each other with them.  I mean, what is it with this guy???  Is he going through male menopause or a second childhood or what? 

I went over to Sarge and he told me that the cadet whose mother was supposed to be bringing the rest of the food and supplies was absent.  I told him I’d tried to call and gotten a disconnect message.  We both looked at each other and I said, “Sh*t!  I guess this means we don’t have any plates, cups, napkins, cookies or chips.  I’ll go get them.” 

I turned to walk back to my car and heard Major bellowing, “Dammit!  Who squirted the f*cking mustard all over me.  I want to know who did it!!!” 

I was shocked!  I couldn’t believe he’d said that.  He was absolutely covered in mustard.  The kids had taken the food fight over the top by grabbing the big huge mustard and ketchup bottles I’d purchased and I was appalled at the amount of damage.  Kids were covered in ketchup and mustard and Major looked like he had at least a quart of mustard splattered all over his back. 

Quite frankly, it did my soul good.  I was looking at a scene straight out of Animal House.  The pavement was covered in squashed soft drink cans, exploded water bottles, mustard, ketchup and water balloons.  The kids were staring at Major like deer in the headlights.  They knew they’d gone too far but I didn’t blame them at all.  Major had started the whole thing and gotten them all worked up and he’d not only let them do it, he’d encouraged them.  I couldn’t help thinking about how I’d scoured the ads in the paper to find the best buys on hot dogs, burgers, buns, ketchup, mustard, bottled water, soft drinks and other picnic items to save the Booster Club a few bucks.  Couldn’t help thinking about all the hours I’d spent selling candy and hot dogs and manning booths at fairs and community events to raise money for the Booster Club.  I thought about how I’d divided up the shopping list between myself and another parent to keep the costs to a minimum so I could pick up all the stuff on sale at Kroger and she could go to GFS.  I just took a good look, turned around, and kept walking.

I drove up to GFS and picked up 200 plates, 150 cups, 4 cases of assorted chips, 5 cases of individually packaged cookies and 300 napkins.  My blood was boiling because I’d had to leave school to pick up supplies that another parent had volunteered to get. It wasn’t like I’d coerced her or begged her.  I’d sent out an email asked for help from the Booster Club parents and she’d responded.  I was rushing as fast as I could and I tried to carry 2 cases of chips to my car at a time.  They weren’t that heavy but they were big and awkward and I couldn’t see where I was going.  I tripped over the curb, chips went flying and I fell to my knees.  I threw out my hands to catch myself and wound up with two badly skinned and bloody knees, scraped the palms of both hands and broke my big toe.  I just sat there for a minute and felt the tears welling up.  I sat there in the parking lot and thought “This is too much.  I’m done.  I’m finished.  I’m not doing this anymore.” 

I spent a good minute or two just sitting there between my car and another, two cases of chips and a baskart full of plates and cups and cried.  I finally picked myself up, threw all the sh*t in my car and drove back to school.  I arrived to find out that Major had taken half the cadets back to the classroom to spend the day writing apology letters to him.  We no longer had 100 kids to feed, we were down to 50 or so.  Johna was manning the grill and another parent had shown up to help.  She was placing burgers and hot dogs on buns and wrapping them in foil sheets.  Sarge was playing volleyball with some of the remaining cadets and I got a few of them to help me unload the car.

I found a place on the bleachers and set about cleaning and examining my battered knees.  Some of the kids hovered around me like little protectors offering sympathy and assistance. I had told my 4th and 5th period students to come to the field to join the cadets for field day and I was quiet and calm and thoughtful.  I watched them and thought about Ling Wu. 

Ling is one of my students.  He’s Vietnamese.  His parents went to Alabama to find work in January and left him and his 14 year old brother here in Louisville.  They paid the rent and left Ling $300 and said they would send for him and his brother after school was out.  Ling Wu is 18 so they’re not breaking the law but his English is somewhat limited and he’s been doing a lot of walking because he can’t afford bus fare and he and his brother eat a lot of ramen noodles.  He never complains.  He’s polite, hard-working and thrilled to be graduating.  He has dreams of going to college.  His grades are good enough and some of the teachers have been working with him to help him get financial aid.  His clothes are always clean but he didn’t have any dress clothes for the award ceremony last night or graduation so a bunch of us teachers donated money and one of the counselors took him shopping.  He was so proud last night.  His smile lit up the room.  I was talking to him after the ceremony last night and he smiled his beautiful smile and asked me if I liked his clothes.  I told him he looked very handsome and asked him if his parents were coming home for his graduation.  He told me they weren’t.  I asked him if he was going to any graduation parties and he told me he had to go straight home to watch his brother.  I invited him to join my family at Steven’s graduation party and he was delighted.  I told him we would go by his apartment and pick up his little brother after graduation and take them both home after the party.  He was really excited.  He didn’t ask, but I made sure he went home with several carryout containers of leftover food last night. 

I just kept sitting there on the bleachers.  Watching my students and watching Ling.  He was so excited to be out of class, sitting out there in the sunlight on the bleachers.  Eating hot dogs and burgers.  Smiling at everyone and everything.  All the kids love him but he doesn’t seem to have any close friends.  I wonder why.  His smile lights up the room and he’s very generous with it.  Maybe the kids just have a hard time understanding his language or his situation but they really seem to care about him.  When they called him to the stage last night for some academic awards, the kids started clapping and chanting, “Wu! Wu! Wu!”

Sometimes the kids know what’s important.  Not always, but sometimes.

I had told my 5th period kids that they could join in on the ROTC field day today and have a bite to eat and then help with the clean-up.  Instead, I let them eat and, when it was time to clean up all the ketchup and mustard and water balloons and squashed soft drink cans, I called all my kids over and told them we were going back inside.  When we got back inside, I called down to the ROTC classroom and told the cadet who answered the phone to tell Major that he could take the cadets back out to the softball field to clean up.

I’m done.  Steven graduates in a few days and I don’t have any more reason to help ROTC except that the cadets and Sarge and Major keep telling me they’re not going to let me go.  Of course they don’t want me to go.  I’ve worked like a dog for them for four years but I’m really finished with that gig.  I think you blew it, guys.  I’d rather look for another Wu.

I’m exhausted!  Every day is a marathon. 

Today I finished the ILPs for the school.  Today I designed and printed out 280 award certificates for the Senior Awards Banquet tomorrow night.  Today, I printed out 400 menues for tomorrow night’s dinner.  I also printed out 300 programs for tomorrow night, worked with my own students, and sold candy and crap after school for the National Honor Society.  I have to leave in 45 minutes to go to a dinner at Ryan’s with Jake for his Quick Recall Award.  DS really wanted to go but he’s cooking for 350 tomorrow night and doesn’t have a free minute this evening.  Of course, DIL said she couldn’t make it so if I don’t go with Jake, he won’t have anyone there to sit with him and see him get his award.

After Jake’s dinner, I’ll drive him home and stop off at Kroger to pick up 200 hot dogs, 150 frozen hamburgers, 200 hot dog buns and 150 buns for the burgers, 3 watermelons, ketchup, mustard, 72 bottles of water and 288 canned soft drinks for the ROTC field day on Friday.  I managed to talk one of the other parents into going to GFS to get the rest of the stuff.  I have to take care of it tonight because I won’t be coming home tomorrow.  I’ll stay after school to help DS and assist with the Senior Awards banquet.  It starts at 6:00 and runs until 8:30 or 9:00.  If I can just survive the rest of the week, things will slow down a little.

The senior counselor has tomorrow night’s schedule worked out and my duty is to “relax and enjoy your grandson getting his awards and then sit down to have dinner with your family”.  I’ve been told that I’m not a “volunteer helper” tomorrow.  I’m a guest.  I’m really going to try.  I’d love to be able to enjoy watching Steven have his moment in the limelight.  It’s just that I’m always so involved in all these events as an organizer that I don’t know if anyone else really has a handle on what needs to be done.  There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes.  If today was any indication, I won’t be getting much relaxation tomorrow night.  They said the same thing last year when Andrew graduated and someone was running to get me every fifteen minutes to deal with some kind of crisis.  They lost the programs, the woman who was supposed to supervise the kids setting up the tables didn’t show up, the program ran over by more than an hour and DS was freaking out trying to keep dinner from drying up.  The clean-up crew disappeared after dinner and didn’t stick around for the dirty work.  Like I said, I’m going to try to be a guest.  Maybe I should go incognito.

After the Senior Awards Dinner and the ROTC field day, things will slow down.  We’re off on Monday, the kids have three more days of school and then we go to Steven’s graduation on Friday.  His graduation party will be Friday afternoon and then, I’M DONE!

We went out to dinner last night.  We have some friends that we haven’t been able to spend much time with in the last couple of years.  Went to Saki Blue and had the hibachi grill.  Kind of nice to see the hibachi maistros tossing eggs in the air, cracking them with the edge of a knife and expertly whipping away the shell to have the eggs land perfectly on the grill.  The hibachi dinner included seared shrimp appetizers, fried rice, tossed salad with ginger sesame dressing, miso soup, fillet mignon, zuchinni, onions, yellow squash, broccoli and carrots all grilled perfectly through a haze of flashing knives and spatulas.  It was fun.  I figured if the world was going to end anyway, I might as well go in a sake haze.

We drove quite a ways to get to the restaurant and passed a sweet little donut shop that we haven’t been to in years.  I mentioned it when I got home and got moans and groans of orgasmic intensity from the entire crew.  These donuts are so good, they sell out every morning.  The posted hours on the shop don’t mean anything.  They get up and start making doughnuts at 5:00 a.m. and close the doors when they’re gone.  Usually by 9:00 in the morning.  I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and decided to surprise everyone by driving all the way to Fern Creek to get donuts.  I got there at 5:30 and was able to get two dozen assorted treasures.  Came home and went back to bed for a couple of hours.  I was awakened to shouts of joy from Jake and Scout.  Pretty soon, the entire crew was up and gorging themselves on donuts.  Between DH, DS and 4 grandkids, including 20 year old twins, Andrew and Steven grabbing doughnuts and chugging milk and coffee, I decided they probably wouldn’t last very long so I joined in on the gluttony.  Ahhhh…Good thing I only get out there every three years or so.

DGS, Steven, will be heading off to WKU this fall.  I can’t believe how expensive it is.  I was married and had kids when I was in college.  Had to wait until the kids were old enough and then work three jobs to make it through.  DGS, Andrew, chose to attend a community college here in Louisville, lives with us, and his grants take care of his tuition so we really don’t have too much expense where he’s concerned.  Except for the fact that we support him. Steven, on the other hand, is really straining the budget.  The dorm is $2,000 each semester.  Classes are $4,000 each semester.  Food is $1,500 each semester.  I knew about all that.  I didn’t know about all the other stuff.  It just seems like it’s something everyday.  We bought him a microwave.  Bought a used TV.  Bought a carpet for his room.  The KAP program (Kelly Autism Program) is $2,500 each semester.  With his Asperger’s I don’t see how he can make it without being enrolled in this program.  I think it’ll be a fantastic program for him but still…$5,000 per year?  And then we bought a mini fridge for his room.  Found out his early orientation program is $150.  Today, I got a flyer in the mail that says regular sheets will not fit the dorm beds and we need to order them through the school.  $270 will get him two pillows, 2 sets of sheets, a waffle pad for the bed, a mattress cover, a fleece blanket and comforter and enough towels and washclothes to get him through the year.  He said he’d like to have a new bike to get him around campus and I told him he has all summer to earn the money to buy one.  He looked at me like I was speaking Latin.  Why am I dealing with this stuff at my age?  If I can just hang on for another four years, I can retire.

In the meantime, the Senior Awards Banquet is this Thursday.  I have to help with that.  ROTC Field Day is Friday and I have to help with that.  Steven’s graduation party is the 3rd and I’m preparing for that.  Food, food and more food.  Today I have to cook the dinner I auctioned off last Thursday and take it to work tomorrow for the teacher who won the bidding.  I’m preparing a pork loin with mango chipotle marinade, sauteed green beans with almond butter and lemon zest and new potatoes.  Finishing it off with Almond Chess tarts.  I don’t think I’ll be starting my diet anytime soon….


Who’s THAT?

Is that me?  Are you kidding?  Is that really ME?  Good Lord!  I look like sh*t!

Went on my annual trip to King’s Island yesterday as a chaperone.  DH and DS went, too.  The school is required to have one chaperone for every 10 students and the entire eighth grade went.  My good friend, Phyllisann, always asks us to go.  It’s an easy gig.  We get assigned our kids and we ride on the bus with them.  When we get to the park, we set up a “headquarters” area and the kids are supposed to check in at a certain time.  We were supposed to be back at headquarters between 2:00 and 3:00 to check off the names on our lists.  Other than that, we were free to do what we wanted all day.

We rode the Diamondback roller coaster.  We’re roller coaster fanatics and, I have to admit, this one was pretty intense.  We seemed to be in absolute freefall for most of the ride.  Usually, we hold our arms up and just let go.  This one?  We held on for dear life!

At any rate, when we got off, they had pictures available for purchase.  There was DS in a beautiful shot, laughing and having a great time!  In the row in front of him, DH was riding the rattler in true style!  In the seat next to DH, there was an old fat woman.  She may have been laughing and having a great time on the coaster but she was NOT having a good time at the picture counter.  My God!  Is that me??  Ugghhh…Don’t buy the picture, BURN IT!  DAMN!

It is WAY past time to get back on track.  How many times have I been here?  How could I be at the highest weight of my entire life?  It seems almost hopeless. 

By the time we left the park, I was limping along with my ten little chicklets following me across the parking lots to the far, far, corner where our buses were parked.  It’s a good thing I had well-behaved kids because I don’t think I would have had the strength to deal with them otherwise.  They could have snorted coke and had sex in the seats and I wouldn’t have cared.  I was totally SHOT!  My back was screaming, my ankles were throbbing, my head hurt.  And the seats on schoolbuses are not designed for comfort.  It was like riding on a plank of wood for 2 1/2 hours.  My butt was numb.  When we got back to school, I practically threw my kids into their parents waiting cars.  I hope there weren’t any perverts hanging around.  It was “Want a kid?  Take em!  Here, which one do you want?  Go! Get out of here!  Don’t be picky, just take a kid and let me go home.”

We got home and I hit the bed and don’t remember anything else.  Slept for ten hours and only had to go to the bathroom once during the night.   Usually, it’s two or three times a night. 

School is coming to an end.  The ROTC Dining Out Banquet is done.  The Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is done.  The refreshments for the Art Department Auction are done.  The NHS Dinner’s Done Auction is done.  All that’s left is the Senior Awards Dinner.  DS is catering for 350 this coming Thursday and I always help him.  That’s the final dinner of the year.  How do I get roped into all these dinners, anyway?  I’m surrounded by food and cooking.

I held the National Honor Society Dinner’s Done auction Thursday.  I came up with this little gig last year and it went over pretty well.  This year, we did even better.  I asked nine teachers to fix a nice Sunday dinner for their families this weekend and double everything so they could bring in a dinner on Monday.  We had an online auction Thursday and I kept posting the winning bids every hour until 2:30 in the afternoon.  My dinner went for $110.00.  I was shocked!  All in all, we raised $529 this year.  I established a National Honor Society Scholarship and we’ll be able to give the winner $1,000 toward their tuition or books.  I’m fixing a pork loin with mango chiplotle marinade, sautted green beans with almond butter and lemon zest, herbed new potatoes and almond chess tarts for six.  I hadn’t intended to purchase a dinner myself, but I made a mistake with the bidding Thursday.  I accidentally entered a $42.00 bid from one staff member for a dinner and, after the auction was finished, he told me he had only bid $35.00.  I told him not to worry about it…I’d buy it myself for $42 unless he wanted it.  Sheesh!  It was a dinner for four of spinach and cheese enchiladas, spanish rice, and lemon squares.  Well worth it!  All I’ll have to do for dinner Monday night is bring it home and heat it up.

Let’s see…what else is going on?  Oh, for those of you who know the story, I felt validated yesterday on my opinion of my bitch DIL.  One of the parent chaperones on the field trip asked if I was related to her and I told her she’s my ex-DIL.  This woman said, “You poor thing.  She’s totally psycho.  I won’t even let her in my house.”  Turns out, she’s a cousin and has had her own share of run ins with Stacy.  We spent a glorious thirty minutes or so comparing horror stories.  She said she and her husband were always wondering about how DS could stand it and why he stayed with her.  I told her DIL has custody of the kids now and she was totally shocked.  If nothing else, it made me feel slightly vindicated.  She shared family stories about things Stacy has done to the family and how they’ve all black listed her.  She even told me Stacy came to her and her husband begging for money to pay DS when he had custody of the kids because she was going to go to jail for delinquent child support.  They loaned her $1,000 and she never paid it back.  I shared with her that DS only received a total of $380 in child support for the entire two years he had custody of the kids.  She was livid.  She said she and her husband had a long debate about whether or not to loan her the money because they figured they’d never see it again but they came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to her, it was going to Jake and Scout.  Never happened.  I’m sure that $1,000 went right up her nose.

Alright, enough.  I’ve got work to do.  We’re supposed to go to dinner with friends tonight and DS wants me to go to Elizabethtown (a 45 minute drive) with him to borrow my sister’s rotor tiller.  The garden should have been in a long time ago but it’s been too wet.  Maybe we can get it done this weekend.

Later, chicklets!


Sweet Sixteen!

Sixteen more days with students!  I’m run ragged but I send the end in sight.  I haven’t had time to breath lately, much less post but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, I have to teach my classes, create and print a graduation program for our eighth graders, sell candy after school, attend a staff meeting after school, work on completing our student ILPs (I have another hundred or so to get done), go to the bank for ROTC, work on the plan for a “Dinner’s Done” fundraiser for the National Honor Society Scholarship, finish up a newsletter for our Men of Quality program and then have dinner at Sistah Pam’s.

Every day is like this.  If I sit back and look at what I’ve done, it looks pretty awesome.  But, there isn’t any time to sit back and look at it.  It’s “finish one job and move right into the next” without taking a breath.  So much to get done and so little time.

I’m still here.  Not doing too bad.  Just running as fast as I can.