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We’re home again.  The sun is shining here in Kentucky and it feels like the end of another school year is in sight.  I’m refreshed and ready to tackle the last few weeks.  Felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night.  Even though we had “luxury” bedding at the Monte Carlo, the pillows were so fat DH and I couldn’t get comfortable.  Came home to soak in my own hot tub without having to share it, sleep in my own king size bed that was “luxurioser” than the Monte Carol with 1000 thread count sheets and a memory foam pillow and got up this morning to shower in my very own massage shower.  Ahhhh….the comforts of home.

Vegas was fun.  Wish I hadn’t been sick but it was still restful to get away for a few days.  Still, I’d forgotten what a pain it is to fly anywhere these days.  Of our four flights, only one ran on time.  We were packed in like sardines and I witnessed a major argument by a passenger and airline rep because the airline had overbooked and had an “Oh well, that’s the way it goes” attitude with a passenger who had paid for tickets and was being told there was no room on the plane.  The rep told the passenger he would have to calm down or security would be called.  I was shocked.  The poor guy wasn’t really being abusive or out-of-line.  He was angry that he was being told the flight was overbooked and insistant about not being able to take the next flight but I certainly didn’t think he was being unreasonable.  He was being very firm about the issue but he wasn’t yelling or hurling insults or anything.  If you don’t want people to be angry, don’t sell them tickets for seats that are already taken.  I don’t understand why the airlines are allowed to get away with that crap. 

I don’t know if I already said this but I’ve decided that this summer is going to be all about me.  I’m not going to work all summer like I did last year.  I’m not planning on teaching summer school or attending trainings or doing all the stuff I usually do.  I’m just going to relax and try to get my house and my body back in shape.  I desperately need some R and R.



beerab says 12th April @ 15:02

I think that’s a great idea- take the summer to relax and worry about yourself 🙂

optimismconfidencelaughter says 12th April @ 15:11

Change is nice but home is nicer. Glad you are taking time for yourself. I am thinking of teaching this summer as I have bills that need paying. Granted I have had the year off, technically speaking. I am still teaching at two Fac of Ed’s so not sure how much of a break it is.
You need me time. Don’t feel guilty!
BTW, I love the blue grass of Kentucky.

Joy says 15th April @ 6:52

I am so glad that you had a good time Pat. 🙂
I am really happy to hear that you will be taking time for you this summer. You need to rest, relax, and concentrate on your health and well being. 🙂



brseay says 22nd April @ 6:37

I’m already dreading the 2 trips we have planned for the summer. Well, not dreading the trips but dreading the flights. I’m guessing, though, that w/Kyle we should hopefully get some extra-special treatment–who’s going to bump a kid in a wheelchair????

I’m am so glad to hear that you’re going to devote this summer to yourself. I know we can’t squeeze a year’s worth of relaxation into 8 weeks but if you start the school year already stressed and haggard it makes the rest of the year even harder. Please stick to your plan–I’ll hoof it to Kentucky and throw you into the hot tub if you don’t relax 🙂

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