All better!

Except for a sh*tload of congestion, I’m all better today.  We got up early and went to sign up for the all day buffet.  Ate breakfast and can drop in all day whenever we feel the urge.  Don’t have to worry about where we’re eating dinner tonight.

After breakfast, we played the slots for a little while.  I turned a $20 into $100 and called it quits.  Now we’re going to get dressed and wander around the strip for a while to walk off breakfast.

The view from our window was fantastic last night.  We overlook Excalibur, the Luxor and New York, New York and the lights were spectacular.  I tried to take a picture but it didn’t turn out.  The flash kept reflecting off the window and the window wouldn’t open.  (Guess they’re worried about folks jumping off the 26th floor.)

It’s been nice being able to relax with DH even though I’ve been sick.  Makes me think about retirement.  I checked out my retirement options a couple of month’s ago and I can retire next year.  Still, every additonal year I work will give me an extra $200 per month.  Knowing myself, I figure I’ll probably hang in there for another four years or so.  Depends on how things go at work.  Admittedly, it’s a lot better this trimester but last trimester had me ready to throw in the towel.  Our school is not doing as well as it should.  We’re under a tremendous amount of pressure and the workload is overwhelming.  Teachers are being worked to death and I’m getting discouraged.  We have a staff of 110 teachers and 58 have put in for transfers next year.  Even our principal is looking for a new school.   It’s nice to know I can throw in the towel if it gets to be too much.  This close to retirement, I don’t want to change schools. 

Enough about that…I’m going shopping and sightseeing!


brseay says 9th April @ 20:41

Wow, half of your staff wants to transfer??? Is it something that you think will get better? But it’s good to know that you can retire if you need/want to.

beerab says 12th April @ 15:01

Wow that sucks, it’s unfortunate teachers work so hard for so little- it drives me crazy every time I hear about how much money is spent on the war and how much is cut from our schools. My sister just got word her school program is being cut so she’s out of a job after this school year.

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