We’re leaving this afternoon for Vegas.  I’ve been traveling for a lot of years and can’t help but think how much things have changed.  I remember flying to Japan in 1973.  DH was stationed in Okinawa and we all moved out there for three years.  I had a two year old and a four year old.  We took enough stuff to last us three years.  Pots and pans and clothes and sheets and towels and everything we could get into 8 huge duffel bags.  There were so many empty seats on the plane we were able to stretch out and take up three or four seats each to nap.  They were shoving food, snacks and drinks in our faces about every ten minutes.

Today, we’re headed to Vegas.  We’re supposed to be at the airport two hours ahead of time.  We’re not taking any bags because they charge extra for them.  Just a large carry on for each of us.  I did an online checkin and could have upgraded to the stretch seats with an additional 5 inches of legroom for just $50 per person.  There won’t be any food or drinks but flights leaving between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. get a complimentary chocolate chip cookie.  The inflight movie is available for $8.00 per person.  No smoking…on the plane or the airport which is giving DH a major panic attack. 

We have a car reserved with Alamo.  I made the reservation through Priceline and then they changed our departure time on the airline.  I called to see if we could pick up the car three hours earlier and they said there would be an additional charge.  Can’t figure that one out since we’re paying for 5 full days and only having the car for 4 1/2.  Seems like we should have a little bit of leeway but I guess not.

We’ve already paid for our hotel room at the Monte Carlo but there will be a $12.95 “resort fee” per day due at the time of check in.  Yeah…times have definitely changed.

Looking forward to getting away for a few days.  Looking forward to a slice of New York style pizza at New York, New York.  Also thinking about those New York style Deli sandwiches they serve.  We’ve got tickets to see Lion King and I’m thinking about those yard long dacquiris they serve down on Fremont street.  Forty five flavors to choose from. 

Better get off here and start rolling up my clothes so they’ll fit in the carry on.  At least they have free in-room wifi at the Monte Carlo so I’ll be in touch.  Joy, if you happen to read this, I went to catch up with your blog and it says it’s been removed.  Got another one, girlfriend?



brseay says 4th April @ 11:03

It is amazing how things have changed for the travel industry. We’re taking 2 trips this summer and it will be the first time we have flown w/Kyle’s wheelchair…should be interesting.

Here’s hoping you hit a jackpot!!

beerab says 4th April @ 21:31

Glad you are posting again- have a great vacation. Yes I know it’s such a difference. In 1994 I remember free meals on planes and plenty of leg room. Now you pay for EVERYTHING except soda! I just got back from a two day Trip to Texas and I brought TWO outfits- one in my carry-on and one I wore lol. I think it’s ridiculous to buy food on airlines so I usually bring my own food too.

optimismconfidencelaughter says 7th April @ 16:55

DH and I were just talking about how nice a trip to Vegas would be around now. Guess you figured it out ages ago. It is true that travel has changed considerably. Even if you go first class it is really more like the way economy used to be for many flights. (we had to go first class a few years ago as we had booked a holiday only to have the airline go under, for March break, and we were left scrambling). enjoy!


Joy says 15th April @ 6:47

I am so sorry Pat
I thought I sent it to you


again sorry

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