Pretty windy last night.  I had a headache and took a Tylenol PM.  Slept right through what must have been a terrible storm.  Woke up to find that DS had moved the RV and my car across the street to keep them from being crushed if a tree decided to fall on them.  Turned on the TV and found that school was cancelled all around us and there must have been a dozen tornadoes.  Jefferson County came out of it okay.  Seems like there were a few power outages but nothing serious.  I’m glad.

We had school as usual but a lot of surrounding school districts were closed today.  I’m so glad we don’t have to makeup another day.  It would have made us roll over to the week of June 6th.  Our school retreat is the week of August 1st so we wouldn’t even have 8 weeks off.  Summer just doesn’t last long enough.

We’re doing KCCT testing this week.  The kids have been in testing most of the morning.  I told them to work on their resumes but I’m making it a point to ignore them.  If they’re off task, I’ll let them get away with it today.  See no evil….  I still love these kids.  What a difference from last trimester.  I was ready to throw in the towel.  I’ve heard that 63 of our staff members have applied for transfers.  Unbelievable.

Oops! Lunchtime!  I have to be in the cafeteria today to help with senior orders.


Home Comfort

We’re home again.  The sun is shining here in Kentucky and it feels like the end of another school year is in sight.  I’m refreshed and ready to tackle the last few weeks.  Felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night.  Even though we had “luxury” bedding at the Monte Carlo, the pillows were so fat DH and I couldn’t get comfortable.  Came home to soak in my own hot tub without having to share it, sleep in my own king size bed that was “luxurioser” than the Monte Carol with 1000 thread count sheets and a memory foam pillow and got up this morning to shower in my very own massage shower.  Ahhhh….the comforts of home.

Vegas was fun.  Wish I hadn’t been sick but it was still restful to get away for a few days.  Still, I’d forgotten what a pain it is to fly anywhere these days.  Of our four flights, only one ran on time.  We were packed in like sardines and I witnessed a major argument by a passenger and airline rep because the airline had overbooked and had an “Oh well, that’s the way it goes” attitude with a passenger who had paid for tickets and was being told there was no room on the plane.  The rep told the passenger he would have to calm down or security would be called.  I was shocked.  The poor guy wasn’t really being abusive or out-of-line.  He was angry that he was being told the flight was overbooked and insistant about not being able to take the next flight but I certainly didn’t think he was being unreasonable.  He was being very firm about the issue but he wasn’t yelling or hurling insults or anything.  If you don’t want people to be angry, don’t sell them tickets for seats that are already taken.  I don’t understand why the airlines are allowed to get away with that crap. 

I don’t know if I already said this but I’ve decided that this summer is going to be all about me.  I’m not going to work all summer like I did last year.  I’m not planning on teaching summer school or attending trainings or doing all the stuff I usually do.  I’m just going to relax and try to get my house and my body back in shape.  I desperately need some R and R.



All better!

Except for a sh*tload of congestion, I’m all better today.  We got up early and went to sign up for the all day buffet.  Ate breakfast and can drop in all day whenever we feel the urge.  Don’t have to worry about where we’re eating dinner tonight.

After breakfast, we played the slots for a little while.  I turned a $20 into $100 and called it quits.  Now we’re going to get dressed and wander around the strip for a while to walk off breakfast.

The view from our window was fantastic last night.  We overlook Excalibur, the Luxor and New York, New York and the lights were spectacular.  I tried to take a picture but it didn’t turn out.  The flash kept reflecting off the window and the window wouldn’t open.  (Guess they’re worried about folks jumping off the 26th floor.)

It’s been nice being able to relax with DH even though I’ve been sick.  Makes me think about retirement.  I checked out my retirement options a couple of month’s ago and I can retire next year.  Still, every additonal year I work will give me an extra $200 per month.  Knowing myself, I figure I’ll probably hang in there for another four years or so.  Depends on how things go at work.  Admittedly, it’s a lot better this trimester but last trimester had me ready to throw in the towel.  Our school is not doing as well as it should.  We’re under a tremendous amount of pressure and the workload is overwhelming.  Teachers are being worked to death and I’m getting discouraged.  We have a staff of 110 teachers and 58 have put in for transfers next year.  Even our principal is looking for a new school.   It’s nice to know I can throw in the towel if it gets to be too much.  This close to retirement, I don’t want to change schools. 

Enough about that…I’m going shopping and sightseeing!

And my toothpaste.  Should have known.  It wouldn’t have hurt except that I endulged and bought some really expensive shampoo for color treated hair.  It was like throwing $10.00 in the trash.

The flight over was pretty hectic.  We had severe weather in Louisville and the plane couldn’t take off until an hour late.  Of course, our layover time between connections was 45 minutes and they had booked us on a later connection in case we couldn’t make it.  We landed in Denver with two (count em) two minutes to spare and literally ran down the concourse to make our connection.  Turns out there were several folks on our flight making the same connection and they held the plane ten minutes.  We could have walked.

I felt terrible by the time we landed in Vegas.  My throat was raw and I was totally congested.  We picked up the rental car and our first stop was a Walgreens where I picked up DayQuil, Kleenex and cough syrup.  I was really sick the next day.  Feverish and coughing and feeling awful.  Still, I went out Tuesday night to see Lion King.  I enjoyed it as much as I could but I was stifling a cough the entire time.  By the time it ended, DH had to drag me back to the hotel and then went out and picked up some nasal spray.  I spent all day Wednesday in bed.  We put the “Do Not Disturb” sign out and rented movies all day.

Finally, this morning, I woke up feeling a LOT better.  We went down to Fremont Street and spent the day hitting the casinos and shopping.  We had a steak dinner and we’re going to head out on the strip for a stroll and a look at the sites.  Gotta cram five days vacation into two.  I’m so glad I’m feeling better!

We’re leaving this afternoon for Vegas.  I’ve been traveling for a lot of years and can’t help but think how much things have changed.  I remember flying to Japan in 1973.  DH was stationed in Okinawa and we all moved out there for three years.  I had a two year old and a four year old.  We took enough stuff to last us three years.  Pots and pans and clothes and sheets and towels and everything we could get into 8 huge duffel bags.  There were so many empty seats on the plane we were able to stretch out and take up three or four seats each to nap.  They were shoving food, snacks and drinks in our faces about every ten minutes.

Today, we’re headed to Vegas.  We’re supposed to be at the airport two hours ahead of time.  We’re not taking any bags because they charge extra for them.  Just a large carry on for each of us.  I did an online checkin and could have upgraded to the stretch seats with an additional 5 inches of legroom for just $50 per person.  There won’t be any food or drinks but flights leaving between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. get a complimentary chocolate chip cookie.  The inflight movie is available for $8.00 per person.  No smoking…on the plane or the airport which is giving DH a major panic attack. 

We have a car reserved with Alamo.  I made the reservation through Priceline and then they changed our departure time on the airline.  I called to see if we could pick up the car three hours earlier and they said there would be an additional charge.  Can’t figure that one out since we’re paying for 5 full days and only having the car for 4 1/2.  Seems like we should have a little bit of leeway but I guess not.

We’ve already paid for our hotel room at the Monte Carlo but there will be a $12.95 “resort fee” per day due at the time of check in.  Yeah…times have definitely changed.

Looking forward to getting away for a few days.  Looking forward to a slice of New York style pizza at New York, New York.  Also thinking about those New York style Deli sandwiches they serve.  We’ve got tickets to see Lion King and I’m thinking about those yard long dacquiris they serve down on Fremont street.  Forty five flavors to choose from. 

Better get off here and start rolling up my clothes so they’ll fit in the carry on.  At least they have free in-room wifi at the Monte Carlo so I’ll be in touch.  Joy, if you happen to read this, I went to catch up with your blog and it says it’s been removed.  Got another one, girlfriend?


It’s been so hard.  The last few months I haven’t felt like myself at all.  I’m exhausted, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, yadda, yadda, yadda…

I’m feeling much better the last week or two.  My new students are wonderful.  I’ve been freed up one block to do more technology stuff.  I only have one prep now.  The days are getting warmer and we get some sunshine now and then.  I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow (just DH and I) and I’ll be able to have some time to myself.

I feel so bad for not being on here in so long but, I swear, I don’t know how it happens.  One day becomes another, and another, and another.  Pretty soon, I’m so far behind it seems too overwhelming to even try to catch up.  I wonder what you all are up to.  Wonder how you’re doing and make a vow to post tomorrow, or the next day…

Anyway, I’m feeling like I’m getting a little renewal.  Things have been bad for a long time.  I didn’t realize how depressed I’d become.  Depressed about the home situation, the grandkids, work, etc.  I took a good long look at myself last week and realized that I hadn’t had a haircut in ages, hadn’t colored my hair, hadn’t done my nails, hadn’t bought any makeup in ages.  I realized I was rotating about three outfits for work and coming home everyday to numb myself with Yoville and Cityville and Judge Judy.

I got a haircut on Tuesday, went out yesterday and bought my favorite perfume, colored my hair, got a mani and pedi.  Paid $30.00 for my Olay Regenerist and bought some new eyeliner and eye shadow.  It’s a start.

Now, I’m feeling a little put upon because a woman I used to work with (and helped out A LOT!) called in a panic yesterday and said she had to present a PowerPoint in her graduate level class Monday and didn’t have a clue how to do a PowerPoint presentation and didn’t know of anyone else to ask for help.  She’s a really sweet woman but TOTALLY lost when it comes to technology.  I haven’t seen her or heard from her for at least three years.  sigh…Why do I do these things?  I’m meeting her at Panera in 15 minutes but I’ve promised myself I won’t give her more than an hour of my time.  I feel a little bit like a mechanic who gets a call from an acquaintance who says, “Can you come over to my house and show me how to fix my car?”  Close friend, of course!  Casual acquaintance?  Still, I feel for her.  Her husband is in Iraq and her family doesn’t live around here.

More later, gotta go to Panera…

5:30 Update: So I drive up to Panera to meet T at noon.  Her choice of time although I was totally agreeable with it.  I got there at 12:00, waited 15 minutes and then dug out my phone (which never rings when the battery is low) and find that I have a missed call and voice mail from 12:11.  I brought it up and listened to:

“Hey, Pat, I can’t remember if we set the time at 12:00 or 12:30 but I’m going to be late no matter which it is.  I’m all the way across the river in New Albany and will be there as soon as I can.”

Are you kidding me??? I mean, really, are you kidding me?  I made up my mind I wasn’t staying one minute after 1:00 no matter what.

T showed up at 12:40 and said, “I’m so sorry.  I hate to run late.  I just feel terrible!”

I said, “That’s okay.  Not a problem.  I had a nice bowl of soup and I’m ready to help.  Only thing is, I can’t stay after 1:00.  I told you I had to run David up to General Butler this afternoon and I’ve got to pack for the plane.”

She’s fumbling around with her laptop and looking totally lost and bewildered and I was tempted to give in but I didn’t.  Just sat there while she unloaded her bag and set up her laptop.  Then she really did me in when she said, “We might have a problem.  I was looking for PowerPoint this morning and I don’t think I have it.  I thought you could probably find it or we could do it on your computer and you could email it to me.  It really doesn’t matter if I have it because the computer I’ll be using for my presentation in class is the instructor’s and she has it.”

I couldn’t believe she didn’t have PowerPoint so I pulled up Microsoft Office and looked at it.  She had Word, Excel and Outlook.  That’s it.  I looked up and T was pulling out all these printouts she’d looked up on the internet about some therapist named Virginia Satir.  She hadn’t even typed anything.  Just printed out page after page of info and highlighted certain parts.

I smiled at her and said, “Oh, T, I feel so bad for you. I didn’t bring my laptop because I didn’t figure I’d need it and we don’t have enough time for me to go home and get it.  And, even if we did,  you don’t have anything I could copy and paste into a presentation anyway.  I thought you were going to bring me something typed up on your laptop and just needed me to show you how to copy and paste it into PowerPoint and show you how to run it.  I don’t think I can help you.  Still, it’s great to see you.  Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee or something and we can chat for ten minutes or so until I have to leave.

T grabbed her phone and said, “Maybe I can call one of my friends and she can put it into a PowerPoint and email it to me.  I don’t know what else to do.  I have to present this tomorrow!”

I said, “Well, there’s nothing you can do for the next couple of minutes so let’s just catch up.  How have you been?”  A couple minutes later, I said, “Sorry, I’ve got to run.  I’ve got to drive all the way to Carrollton and back and then pack for the plane.  Still, it was great seeing you.  I hope your friend is able to help you with the PowerPoint.”  And I left.

Got home and the caravan was waiting for me.  DH drove Manny (the RV), DS followed in his car and I brought up the rear.  We drove 60 miles to General Butler State Park, set up the RV, gave DS and the grandkids hugs and kisses and left.  They’re going to camp all week while DH and I are in Vegas.  DS took his car because we don’t trust him to drive the RV.  He’s never driven it before and we felt better just driving it up there for him and picking it up next Sunday.

Next stop, we went Krogering and stocked up the house for Andrew and Steven.  Andrew’s college spring break was two weeks ago but Steven is on spring break this week. They’ll be bachelors all week so we bought them plenty of food.  Two twenty year olds on their own.  Now they’re upstairs argueing over the computer.  They each have a laptop but Andrew is mad because Steven used his.

Me?  I’ve got clothes in the washer and my suitcase is sitting on the bed.  I’m ready to throw some clothes in there and get out of here.