Been quite a while since I’ve posted.  Lots of stuff keeping me busy.  Where do I begin?

Two weeks ago, we decided to paint the living room.  Of course, we got into that domino effect.  Had to do the baseboards…and all the other trim….and shampoo the carpet…and get new cushions…yada yada…Still working on it.

Last weekend (?) was girls week in Brown County.  Those of you who’ve been with me for a couple of years know that’s a weekend with ten or so friends of eating, playing games, drinking wine and shopping.

I literally thought I’d kill someone before the end of the trimester but it finally came around and I got new classes.  Our school, like so many others, feels like it’s under siege this year.  We’ve got to keep portfolios about stuff we do in our classes, parental contacts, extra work with students, leadership data, etc.  We have to do ORQs with our students every single week, grade them, evaluate how we could’ve done it better and turn everything in to our principal.  We have meetings and meetings and meetings.  It just goes on and on. Add that to the fact that I was a teacher living on a cart (my 1st and 2nd periods were in the library, 3rd was in room 221, 4th was in 201 and 5th was in 216) and teaching three classes without any textbooks, workbooks or other resources.  I just about lost my mind!

Finally, the trimester changed.  Our principal freed me up one period to work with kids on the computers completing ILPs (which they do on their own) and my 4th and 5th period classes both meet in the same room AND I have a great group of kids.  I’m feeling a lot better about my job.  Of course, the principal talked to me and said she didn’t think they’d have funding for my position next year and wanted to know if I would consider teaching math classes.  I’m supposed to be a resource teacher but I only had one period free to work with technology so it’s not much different than what I’ve been doing anyway. Still… it’s been a long time since I taught high school math (10 years or so) so I told her, if it comes down to it, I’d rather teach middle school math because I’ve been working with it pretty much continually the last few years. Home schooling students and teaching summer school and ESS.  We’ll see what happens.  I can still keep my hand in with technology because I’m the school technology coordinator and that’s an extra service job.

On the health front…still the same.  Still struggling.  Working ten hour days and bringing work home and not finding much time for myself.  I did, however, make a commitment to myself to take the summer off and concentrate on the things I need to do for myself.  Last summer, I worked so many extra things that I barely had a week off without having to go do something.  That extra money is always tempting but I really need to rest up this summer.  I also need to check out my retirement options.

DS is poison.  He just asked me to try his new dessert.  Nutella truffles, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in hazelnut cookies.  Got a strawberry fan on the side for garnish and a jazzy little drizzle of strawberry glaze over all.  God.  What I have to go through.