I’m here! Kinda….

Yeah, I’m still here.  Strange times.  It seems like the days are grueling.  I get up dreading the day, drag myself through every grueling minute, get home late and collapse in bed.  Then I do it all again.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I got up yesterday morning and told myself, “Come on.  Nine more hours.  You can do it.”  Driving to work, I was thinking, “Eight more hours.”  I worked hard and occasionally caught a glimpse of the time and told myself, “Hang in there.  Four more hours…”  Of course, it wasn’t four more hours.  I wound up staying an hour and a half late.  I got to come home for 3 hours and then had to drive back because DGS, Steven, is one of four cadets in the ROTC honor guard and they had to be back for the homecoming game at half-time to escort the homecoming queen and her court.  We finally got to head home at 8:30 and I collapsed.

I slept for 11 hours.  Unheard of.  Everyone in the house is aghast.

It’s really weird.  Each day seems to fly by and there’s never enough time to get everything done but, at the same time, it seems like the day grinds by minute by minute and takes forever to get through.

Snowing again….

Monday was a meeting with National Honor Society to finish up preparations for the Induction Ceremony Thursday night.  Tuesday was ESS after school. Wednesday was a mandatory faculty meeting which was moved because of ESS on Tuesday.  At the faculty meeting, they reviewed the procedure for student responses to Open Response Questions and gave us a form to record student grades.  We now have to give an Open Response Question to every student in our classes each week, grade them, record the grades and turn in all the student papers, scores and our interpretation of how we could have improved our teaching/preparation/student motivation/questioning technique/etc. so they would have scored better. (sigh… more paperwork.. wouldn’t it be nice if the students had to turn in their responses and an explanation of what they could have done to improve their scores?).  Thursday was ESS after school, run to Walmart to pick up cakes, race back to school to decorate and prepare for the induction which started at 6:30.  Finally headed out the door at 9:00.

I am sooooo tired.


brseay says 6th February @ 18:00

I’m tired after reading your post.

The winter has been long and grueling. We had one like that last year, where it seemed like every time you turned around another storm was in the future. By the end of winter I felt like Jack Nicolson in “The Shining”, and that’s here in Iowa where we’re more used to the snow.

Is there something you can incorporate into your schedule that you actually look forward to? I know it may sound crazy to add something to your already hectic life, but I remember how you used to start your day w/a trip to the spa and how it got everything off the right way.

I’m worried about you, Pat. I know spring will eventually come but until then I don’t want you feeling this way.

Joy says 7th February @ 7:06

Patty, I am really worried about you. Please do not get nad at me for saying this but you sound like you are in a deppression. I feel so bad for you. Maybe it is time to talk with someone? I know S.A.D is common in winter maybe it is that?
I am sorry you are having a hard time Patty. I hope that you can get to the bottom of what is going on and start healing.

beerab says 7th February @ 11:15

I agree with Joy- you sound depressed no offense 🙁

Here’s the solution – make the kids fill out the forms lol 😉 Or just write an explanation on one and then photo copy the form over and over lol. Or the reason should be “I’m a perfect teacher, my kids are the problem, eliminate the bad kids and the scores will go up…”

Seriously wtf is with all the busy work- some kids are just brats and don’t want to do the work.

susan says 8th February @ 21:33

You need some FUN! Wish all us Chickies could swoop down and take you away to our Top Secret Caribbean 3FC Retreat; you know, the one with the white sandy beaches, the warm blue waters lapping right up to the very doorsteps of our cabanas… Our private chef is making a special dinner for us all tonight (dress is casual). Dinner to be followed by a wild island night of dancing to the local Carib music, then afterwards, relaxing in our huge hot tub, looking up at a million stars through the palm fronds, and swapping life stories and delivery stories. We all go to our comfy soft beds relaxed and happy, with big smiles on our faces. Tomorrow is another day of island adventures ~ let’s go riding! Then snorkeling!

We’ll be picking you up soon 🙂

susan says 8th February @ 21:34

P.S. We ALL need some fun ~ whomever has the keys to this resort, please pick us all up!

Joy says 9th February @ 7:29

Hey Patty,
Just checking up and seeing how you are doing chickie. If there is anything I can do please tell me. I am a good listener. My e-mail is [email protected] PLEASE e-mail me if you need to. I will be out of town Friday and back late saturday. I am here until then though.
I am worried about you chickie. Please talk to someone. You have so much on your plate of life, and this awful winter does not help one little bit. Please take care and know that there are people who care even if we never met.
God bless

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