I went to Kroger yesterday and they had Peeps!  Wherever Peeps go, spring will follow.  Pink bunnies and yellow chicks.  Not that I eat them.  I’ve never liked Peeps but it gave me such a start to see them.  There I was, tramping through the snow to my car, sweeping off the entire car and carefully maneuvering the neighborhood’s icy roads to Kroger.  I grabbed a frozen grocery cart from the parking lot and pushed it through the door to be greeted by Peeps.  Nice.  I should have bought some just so I could line them up on the window sill.  Not as good as seeing crocus or daffodils but still something to remind me that there will be an end to the winter.

My goal for today is to update my sub folder.  If they think I’m going to go until spring break before I can get a day off, they’re crazy.  I can feel a mental health day coming on before then.  There are times when I get up and feel like crap and I start thinking about my options.  There’s always Steven…I have to get him to school.  I usually have some kind of meeting after school for one thing or another.  And then, the process for getting a sub is annoying and time consuming and we always have to call the school to let them know we won’t be in. But the real kicker is that daggone sub folder.  I’m always thinking, “What’s in my sub folder?  Is my class roster current?  Do I have appropriate lessons  for all my classes?”  That usually gives me the incentive to get myself in gear and go to work.

I haven’t taken a single sick day this year but I don’t think I’m going to fight it the next time I feel a desperate need for a mental health day.  I’m going to be ready.


Joy says 27th January @ 8:05

You have been getting really pounded with snow this year! I am sorry it will cost you some beautiful weather days in June. Maybe you can tackle stuff at home like early spring cleaning etc… so you dont have to do it later when it is nice??

brseay says 27th January @ 18:54

I saw sandals at Target last week and almost cried out of sheer joy!

beerab says 31st January @ 13:57

Maybe you need to get sick in June 😉

I have so many sick days- at least a few weeks worth, but I feel guilty when I call in sick- BAD HABIT! lol.

brseay says 2nd February @ 17:16

Everything ok? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Maybe you’re buried under a snow drift from this last storm. We had our 1st snow day of the year (sorry, had to rub it in). Tomorrow is looking sketchy, I can’t decide if I want to have a snow day or not…hmmmmm.

Joy says 3rd February @ 7:41

Hey Pat you doing okay?
I was in Target and they are starting to put out OUTDOOR summer stuff! Yaaaaay! I am going to be so happy to see spring and summer. You will NOT hear me complaing about the heat this year! hehehehe
Are you doing okay?? I am worried about you.

Joy says 4th February @ 7:27

You okay?
Come back here no matter how you are doing okay? We all miss you!

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