Enough already!

I’m so sick of winter.  How can it only be the middle of January?  It seems like years since we had warm weather.  Usually, we have pretty decent weather through December.  This year, it seems like it’s been cold and dreary since October.

We were dismissed from school early on Thursday.  At least, the kids got to leave early.  Teachers had to stay until 2:30.  Pissed me off because I had to drive home with Jake and Steven and I had to drive all the way to Fairdale to pick up Scout because his after-school daycare was closed and David was working.  So…I had to wait until the roads got really nasty before I could even begin the journey.  I didn’t get all the kids home until 4:00 because of traffic and road conditions.  I put in an extra 1 1/2 hours on Tuesday and then stayed an extra 2 hours on Wednesday.  It just gripes the Hell out of me when we get an early dismissal and teachers have to stay in the building because we’re paid until 2:30.  I mean, either we’re hourly (in which case you should pay me for all the extra time I put in) or we’re salary and have some options about being at school when the kids aren’t.  On top of that, the media had been telling everyone that schools would probably be dismissed early and the kids were climbing the walls.

We also missed school on Friday which was okay with me.  I don’t want to make it up but, at least, they let us know at 10:00 Thursday night so we could plan and it made for a long weekend.  I brought a ton of work home with me so I guess I’ll spend the day grading papers and planning lessons.

Uggghhh…how many days till spring?

Joy, I tried to figure out how to set my comments to just allow 3FC but I couldn’t find the setting.  I found where you could do it for individual posts.  Is there a setting for the entire site?


Joy says 24th January @ 7:20

Hello Patty,
I soooooo AGREE I am sick, sick, sic of winter, snow, cold, dreary YUCKY days! Spring where art thou?????

You go onto your dashboard
Then in smaller typset on the upper right area you will see
click on that
it will be in general settings towards the bottom. It gives you the option to only let registered users comment on your blog.
I hope that helps.

beerab says 24th January @ 11:11

Just be like those teachers who don’t care and leave lol. If they ask where were you look confused and say you were there the whole time lol.

That’d annoy me too. What’s the point of making you stay when all the kids are gone and I’m pretty sure you do a ton of work for your school at home.

Be like my coworker who counts EVERY single minute he works lol. We have in and out timesheets and if he worked 15 extra minutes during the week he leaves home 15 extra minutes early on Friday. I say good for him :p

brseay says 24th January @ 19:13

We’d be millionaires if they paid us by the hour!!! And it really is crappy that you guys can’t leave early. I have been fortunate that every district I have been in allows teachers to come late/leave early when there is a weather-related dismissal. What’s weird, though, is that secretaries have to come. Either the roads are dangerous or they aren’t. Ugh.

optimismconfidencelaughter says 25th January @ 12:41

I hear you. Just got back from 5 days in Florida. Not a long holiday but enough to remember spring! I agree we would be millionaires if they paid us by the hour, and by the kid!! Whenever people gripe about our pay I tell them they are so right (pretending I don’t know they are negative) and comment that if babysitters get roughly $10/$15 an hour per student, and since we actually teach we should get $25 or $30 an hour, times 25 – 30 kids in our class, then times 8 hours a day…well, you see where this is going.

As I have told you before, the Toronto board NEVER closes. I sent the kids home from my school last year on a really bad day. Thankfully it is a small school and we only have to call the parents of those under 18. I then sent my teachers home but I had to stay in case someone called (or noticed I did that!)
Hopefully you have good tires. I am thinking of getting a Subaru Forrester for this very reason.

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