Are you kidding me?

Looks like more snow heading our way.  They’re calling for 3 to 6 inches tomorrow afternoon.  Hope we don’t miss any school.  JCPS has no qualms about closing and making it up in the summer.  It makes it difficult, however, to keep the kids on track.  They don’t respond well to snow days.  Off task and unfocused when they’re predicting snow and then it takes a full day after a snow day to get them back on track.  Today, they’ll all be cutting up and kidding around and excited about the possibility of a long weekend.

Don’t have much time today.  Got in late and slept a little bit later than usual.  Gotta run.  Anyone else getting tons of spam lately?

“I totally agree with the premise of the third paragraph”

“I didn’t quite understand the last part.”

“Interesting article.  Did I see a grammatical error in the last paragraph?”


Joy says 19th January @ 7:57

I was getting a ton of those Patty. I switched my comment section to “no one who is not a 3FC member. Then they all went away.
How did you like the Paula Dean buffet?

brseay says 19th January @ 21:00

I actually got a comment that told me my posts have been a bit boring lately but that they’re still reading. Nothing like getting dissed by spam!

For once we haven’t had any snow days yet this year (knock on wood). We have had several snow storms but most have been on the weekend so we didn’t miss school. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get through the winter w/o any days.

beerab says 20th January @ 10:50

Omg yes just yesterday alone I got 75 comments of spam- I don’t understand the point of the spam comments- I don’t click on their sites and I delete the spam immediately. You’d think that spam tracker would realize the same things are being posted and just automatically delete them…

And I can’t figure out why they go to certain posts that are so old- I’m about to delete that post lol.

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