Girls Night Out!

One of my coworkers has been asking me to take her to Horseshoe to teach her to play the slots.  Like it’s something you need to be taught.  You just put the money in and hit the button.  Anyway, she’s kind of quiet and introverted and wants to go but not by herself.  So…I told her we’d go after work today.  She told another friend and she asked to go.  Then another…then another.  Somewhere along the line, it was decided that we’re going to try out the new Paula Deen buffet while we’re there.  At this point, we have six women heading up to gamble and eat after work today.

Don’t think I’ll weigh myself for a few days.  Paula Deen deep fries butter.

I found out what happened to the spa yesterday.  DH and DS hooked up a small water heater to get it to warm up faster.  It had a hose attached to it and the water ran through the heater and back into the spa.  I pulled the hose out when I went out there the night before.  I saw it and thought they’d just left the garden hose in the spa so I pulled it out and tossed it on the ground and it pumped all the water out overnight.  I’ve taken a LOT of kidding over that one. Don’t think I’m ever going to hear the end of it.  DH spent a lot of time on his phone (that he never carries) talking to just about everyone he knows.

“Picture this…haw, haw, Patty out there in a bathing suit in the sleet trying to figure out where all the water went.  Snort, snort!”

At least I’m good for entertainment value.


beerab says 18th January @ 10:49

LOL girl- you slay me. At least you didn’t hurt the spa but it would have been nice for them to TELL YOU about the hose.

Egads I’d be avoiding that buffet like the plague- WATER and 1 plate only! Get your food last and eat slow?

Good luck!

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