Not!  The snow is coming down but I can’t have that bottle of rum.  If the spa were working, I might plan on sitting out there and letting the snow fall on my head but the heating element is broken (again…).  DH took my advice this time and ordered one with a five year guarantee.  Costs more than the one he’s been getting with the one year guarantee but we’ve replaced it three times in the last five years and he’s finally getting tired of doing it.  Hopefully, it’ll come in the next week and I can refill the spa.  If the water in the hose isn’t frozen.

No school today.  If this keeps up, I won’t even have time to get a tan this summer before we have to go back.  Psycho DIL called DS and told him she has to go to work and the kids are off school so he needs to go get them because she doesn’t have anything to do with them all day.  The idiot has already left for work and left them home alone.  DS is royally pissed because the boys, even though they’re ten and twelve should not be left alone.  He’s out there on the highway somewhere driving 20 miles each way to go get them.  I suppose CPS might be interested but I doubt it.  Just another example of why she shouldn’t have custody.  They’ve been calling for this snow for a week and she didn’t even get up early or try to make any arrangements in case school was cancelled.  It’s always about her and never about the kids.  I wouldn’t dream of just taking off and leaving them home alone.  I can only hope DS gets them picked up and doesn’t slide off into a ditch or something.

I stuck to my goals yesterday.  Stayed on track with my diet, walked on the treadmill, blogged and weighed myself.  Oh, although I’m not convinced of the validity, I’m also determined to drink more water and I’m working on that.  Managed to slurp down 6 cups yesterday.  Weighed myself this morning and it’s the same as yesterday but I think it’ll drop tomorrow.  I didn’t weigh this morning until I’d already been up 4 hours, dressed and eaten breakfast.  You’d think that would make me weigh a little heavier.

Got on the treadmill yesterday but it was more of a “can I do it?” than an actual workout. I promised myself I would get on it and walk for 15 minutes.  I did 20 but I had a mindset that I was only going to do 15.  I could have done more.  Today, I’m going for 30 minutes.

Keeping track of things on Spark People, I’m much more aware of my nutritional needs.  I went to my GYN for my yearly checkup a couple of weeks ago and she told me I’m 5′ 1 1/2″.  I’ve always been 5’2″.  She did a blood test and called to tell me she was giving me a prescription strength Vitamin D supplement because the normal range is 50 to 100 and my level was 19.  Since then, I’ve made it a point to watch my levels on Spark People.  I’m eating healthy and making a point of including foods that contribute to calcium and I’m still nowhere near meeting my daily requirement.  I don’t know how you’re supposed to get enough without a supplement.  Something to keep in mind, Chickies!  Here’s a picture of my Mom from when we went on the cruise over Thanksgiving. She’s about 4′ tall now and has severe osteoporosis.  Not something I want to go through.

Mom is the itty-bitty lady next to Little Sister and DH and I are across the table.  Notice how good I’ve gotten at hiding behind him?

Enough…I’m hitting the treadmill.

11:15 Update – Did 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Twenty of them at a 3% incline.  I felt it.  Didn’t kill me but I definitely felt some heat and my back was aching.  Can’t believe I let things get to this point.  Only way to go is up.

1;45 Update – Changed my mind on dinner tonight.  This is not the kind of evening to enjoy Cambodian Pork rolled up in lettuce leaves with cilantro.  No…this is the kind of night for a big pot of homemade soup. Put some round steak in the kettle to simmer until it falls apart .  Going to the store to pick up some Hoppin John mix, extra jalapenos, and black-eyed peas.  Since Hoppin John (in my favorite recipes, if you’re interested) is so low in calories, we can splurge a little bit and have some more of those beautiful popovers with it!


beerab says 11th January @ 14:32

Oh you probably weren’t reading my blog a few months ago- I had the same problem. I was at 21. I did vitamin D therapy for 6 weeks and now I take a vitamin D plus calcium chew each morning. I noticed a HUGE difference after three weeks in my energy levels. It was AMAZING. If you are low chances are so is your hubby and your kids or anyone who lives with you. My husband drinks a ton of milk and his level was 25- he also takes pills now for vitamin D. The problem is vitamin D is not found in much so unless you drink 8 glasses of milk a day or eat 7 oz of fish a day you probably aren’t meeting your goals- do you remember growing up taking cod liver oil? Well your parents/grandparents had it right- 1 tablespoonful (make sure it says it contains vitamin D on the label) is 340% of your daily intake- 1360 IU’s. My doctor says 400 IU’s is still not enough and you should take closer to 1000 IU’s a day. Vitamin D deficiency has become an epidemic and now the FDA I guess is saying that people should take at least 800IU’s a day.

patty says 11th January @ 14:55

Thanks, Beerab! Wouldn’t it be nice if my energy levels soared after getting some Vitamin D therapy? Something to hope for!

brseay says 12th January @ 19:10

I have officially run out of things to say about your DIL. Ugh.

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