We only needed one more.  We had Jake, Scout, Andrew, Steven and Holly all weekend.  Both DS’s were here.  Nine of us all weekend.  It was not relaxing in any way, form or fashion.

Not much to write about.  My life is boring as all get out these days.  I don’t smoke, I try to eat right, I try to exercise.  I work WAY too much and my favorite thing is sleeping.

Sleeping IS pretty good these days.  The nights are just chilly enough to make it heavenly under the covers.  We open the windows and I have a tough time crawling out of bed in the mornings.  I used to get up 45 minutes before I had to so I could have my coffee and cigarettes and get ready for the day.  Now I sleep until the very last minute before I get up.

Speaking of the last minute…I’ve got to get my shower.

6:20 Update – Shower is finished and I’m almost ready for work.  Steven is in the shower now and will soon be followed by Andrew.  It’s strange, having Andrew get up, get ready and then go his own way.  He seems to enjoy college and is becoming pretty independent.

I’m so frustrated with dieting and exercising.  I feel like I’m running as fast as I can and getting nowhere.  I watch what I eat five days out of seven but then I get off track a couple of days a week and I undo all the good things I accomplished the rest of the week.  Well, actually, I don’t undo the good.  I never seem to accomplish any good.  Since I quit smoking, the weight is sticking to me like glue.  I can go five days of dieting and exercising and not lose an ounce.  Then I get discouraged and off track.  I can’t seem to find the fire anymore.

I keep thinking I need to get a lot more exercise but I honestly don’t know how.  I work long hours and come home exhausted.  I can barely force myself to go walking or do the treadmill for 30 minutes and it truly seems useless.  I mean, 30 minutes on the treadmill is barely 100 calories.  How on earth am I going to get motivated about that? 

Everyone keeps telling me how great it is that I’ve quit smoking and I guess I should be proud of that but it just seems like I’ve substituted one problem for another.

Enough of this pity.  I’ve got a job to do.


susan says 18th October @ 9:12


jackspratswife says 18th October @ 9:27

This is the better problem to have. My mom died of bladder cancer which was directly linked to her smoking. So, I just LOVE hearing about someone who has quit! You most definitely should be proud of yourself! And it’s okay to “tread water” for a while. At least you’re not going backward. Hope you find your motivation soon!

losingit2010 says 18th October @ 9:42

I also seem to do well for the 5 days and then 2 days out of the week I get off track..I am so trying to break the 150 mark and it is slow going. Just keep on keeping on, you can do this

delitaagain says 18th October @ 18:01

Hang in there on the weight post smoking. Getting off coffee and cigarettes is HUGE and so worth it long term. You will be so glad! Getting over the opportunity to gain weight only lasts a year or two. Now don’t get discouraged! Let me tell you my story. I let myself gain ten pounds a year after quitting smoking – for 10 years! Recently I heard that cutting back 50 calories a day will be enough to lose 10 pounds a year. Apparently I only overate 50 calories a day to put on 100 pounds! YIKES!! Wish I had known that when it started. Just keep going and you will eventually be soooooooo glad. BTW, I recommend cutting back 50-100 calories every day or two. And exercise. Yep. I do. Who knew?? And one day you won’t call your life boring when you have the strength and energy and health to do the cool things you want to do. Consider the alternatives. Really. Go, Patty! Still loving teachers, Delita

brseay says 18th October @ 18:19

OK, if you can’t find more time to exercise then you need to make the most of the time you have. I have been incorporating intervals through the DVD program I’m using and am amazed at the results already.

What I have found, though, is the main part of a healthy life is food. Like you said, you may only burn 100 or 200 calories during a workout, but simply not eating a candy bar “burns” the same amount.

Quitting smoking is a huge accomplishment but I can understand why you’re discouraged. So for now, can you think of 1 additional goal to accomplish? Instead of focusing on what you’re not going to eat, make sure you’re eating 7 servings of fruits/veggies every day. Or set a goal of 64 ounces of water. Once you get your mojo back you’re going to be unstoppable.

You can do this!!!!!

beerab says 20th October @ 11:18

Don’t weigh in for a solid two weeks, that way you can continue to eat on plan and not give up- I bet you’ll see a drop then 🙂

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