Looking forward to dinner with the girls tonight!  Our monthly outing.  Tonight is Indian food accompanied by wonderful, witty, affectionate friends.  I’m so glad we do these dinners.  If we didn’t, I’d probably never see my friends.  It seems like we meet for dinner, then we all work like dogs for what seems like a week  and then it’s time for dinner again.  There just doesn’t seem to be a minute of extra time.

I talked to the principal yesterday and she said we could grill and sell the rest of the hamburgers/hotdogs/drinks/nachos/etc. on parent conference days tomorrow and Wednesday.  We work until 2:30 and then conference by appointment until 6:00.  A couple of those wonderful new parents are coming to the school to man the grill and hawk the burgers.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate these people.  I sent out an email to the booster club telling them about the opportunity and, within 30 minutes, I had received replies from three of them volunteering to do it.  I’ll be glad to get rid of the rest of this food. I have conferences scheduled so I can’t do much to help with the grilling and selling but I can certainly function within my Mama Bear role to organize the details, show them where to set up and make sure the staff and parents are aware that they can pick up some junk food.

38 days until we cruise.  I am sooooo ready!


beerab says 12th October @ 11:19

Glad you have a lot of great parents helping out- I bet they have wonderful kids since they are so involved 🙂

losingit2010 says 12th October @ 17:15

Glad you have active parents and booster club, enjoy your dinner!

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