One little pound

That’s what I’m going for.  Just one pound.  But I want it immediately-like tomorrow.  I’m going to keep fighting the good fight.  Today, I’ll eat right.  I’ll blog.  I’ll write down everything I eat and I’ll exercise.  But I better get a little reward, dammit.  Just one lousy pound.  And if I don’t get it, we’re going to be subjected to a major rant this time tomorrow because I’ve been waiting for this one lousy pound to come off for three days with no results.

9:15 Update – Lite Yogurt (80 calories)

12:15 Update – Celebrating the little things…I’ve managed to walk past the 415 Dove candy bars I’m supposed to sell for the National Honor Society all morning without falling victim.  I ate breakfast and I’m currently eating lunch (Marie Callender’s Grilled Chicken Alfredo Bake-500 calories).  I know that’s a bit high but it tastes good and I didn’t get much breakfast.  I passed up the pizza lunch I was invited to for our kids who made honor roll and I’m still hangin in there.

We only needed one more.  We had Jake, Scout, Andrew, Steven and Holly all weekend.  Both DS’s were here.  Nine of us all weekend.  It was not relaxing in any way, form or fashion.

Not much to write about.  My life is boring as all get out these days.  I don’t smoke, I try to eat right, I try to exercise.  I work WAY too much and my favorite thing is sleeping.

Sleeping IS pretty good these days.  The nights are just chilly enough to make it heavenly under the covers.  We open the windows and I have a tough time crawling out of bed in the mornings.  I used to get up 45 minutes before I had to so I could have my coffee and cigarettes and get ready for the day.  Now I sleep until the very last minute before I get up.

Speaking of the last minute…I’ve got to get my shower.

6:20 Update – Shower is finished and I’m almost ready for work.  Steven is in the shower now and will soon be followed by Andrew.  It’s strange, having Andrew get up, get ready and then go his own way.  He seems to enjoy college and is becoming pretty independent.

I’m so frustrated with dieting and exercising.  I feel like I’m running as fast as I can and getting nowhere.  I watch what I eat five days out of seven but then I get off track a couple of days a week and I undo all the good things I accomplished the rest of the week.  Well, actually, I don’t undo the good.  I never seem to accomplish any good.  Since I quit smoking, the weight is sticking to me like glue.  I can go five days of dieting and exercising and not lose an ounce.  Then I get discouraged and off track.  I can’t seem to find the fire anymore.

I keep thinking I need to get a lot more exercise but I honestly don’t know how.  I work long hours and come home exhausted.  I can barely force myself to go walking or do the treadmill for 30 minutes and it truly seems useless.  I mean, 30 minutes on the treadmill is barely 100 calories.  How on earth am I going to get motivated about that? 

Everyone keeps telling me how great it is that I’ve quit smoking and I guess I should be proud of that but it just seems like I’ve substituted one problem for another.

Enough of this pity.  I’ve got a job to do.

Looking forward to dinner with the girls tonight!  Our monthly outing.  Tonight is Indian food accompanied by wonderful, witty, affectionate friends.  I’m so glad we do these dinners.  If we didn’t, I’d probably never see my friends.  It seems like we meet for dinner, then we all work like dogs for what seems like a week  and then it’s time for dinner again.  There just doesn’t seem to be a minute of extra time.

I talked to the principal yesterday and she said we could grill and sell the rest of the hamburgers/hotdogs/drinks/nachos/etc. on parent conference days tomorrow and Wednesday.  We work until 2:30 and then conference by appointment until 6:00.  A couple of those wonderful new parents are coming to the school to man the grill and hawk the burgers.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate these people.  I sent out an email to the booster club telling them about the opportunity and, within 30 minutes, I had received replies from three of them volunteering to do it.  I’ll be glad to get rid of the rest of this food. I have conferences scheduled so I can’t do much to help with the grilling and selling but I can certainly function within my Mama Bear role to organize the details, show them where to set up and make sure the staff and parents are aware that they can pick up some junk food.

38 days until we cruise.  I am sooooo ready!


44 to 90

The last entry was titled 44 degrees.  Guess this one should be titled 90 degrees.  That’s where we were yesterday.  Setting a record at 90 degrees.  That beat the old record of 88 that was set in 1939.  And where was Sistah Pat?  At the pool?  Relaxing in the air-conditioning?  Lying in a hammock with grandchildren fanning me and delivering iced tea?

No.  I was standing behind a table on the asphalt parking lot at Valu Market.  Hawking hot dogs, burgers, pizza, nachos, soft-drinks and baked goods for ROTC at the Highview Festival.  Sarge and Major were in charge of getting and setting up the canopy but they didn’t show up.  Neither did the canopy.  There were, however, seven, (Yes, SEVEN!) parents or grandparents who showed up to help and at least ten cadets.  It got pretty toasty, standing there in the sun with the asphalt reflecting every bit of the heat and three grills going.  I fully intended to just show up for a couple of hours and do my part but I couldn’t leave the others hanging.  I’ve done this for four years and they’re babes in the woods.  I didn’t want to put them in a situation where they felt used and abused so I stayed all day.  They think of me as Mama Bear and I’m okay with directing everything if they’re okay with doing their part.  If these guys hang in there for the duration of the year, they’ll have a really good handle on how things work and I can leave the booster club with a clear conscience when Steven graduates this spring.

Besides, they’re really fun people and I enjoyed hanging with them.  Course, it might have been better if I’d left an hour or so before the end because no one knew what to do with all the stuff they’d picked up at the school that morning.  We’d all assumed Sarge and Major would take it all back to the school when the festival was done.  Instead,  Sarge met them at the school and they loaded down all their trucks and cars to transport everything to the festival site and Sarge went home and didn’t answer the phone all day.  So, at the end of the day, we were staring at three huge ice crests, three grills, and a buttload of dirty crock pots, utensils, condiments, and leftover food and we didn’t have a key to get back into the school. 

Yeah, you guessed it, they followed me home and it’s all at my house now.  Except the grills.  They belonged to some of the parents who helped out.  You can barely walk in my kitchen.  I sorted through most of the stuff.  Washed the dishes and threw out tons of food.  The kids helped eat leftover hot dogs and burgers and cupcakes.  My freezer is full of burgers and hot dogs.  I have 100 bags of chips and tons of baked goods.  I’m going to try to organize an after school sale on Tuesday or Wednesday to get rid of the rest of this stuff.

I’m so pleased with this new batch of parents and volunteers.  They’re fresh and energetic and haven’t had the blood sucked out of them yet. 

Enough about that.  I’m going to see how many days I have left before we go CRUISING!


44 degrees

Now that’s exercising weather!  Looking forward to coming home today and hitting the old treadmill.  My workout room is still upstairs and it still gets way too hot up there in the summer.  Now that the temp is coming down, I should be able to use it without burning up.

We went camping this weekend.  All the grandkids were whining that they never get to sleep in a tent and the RV isn’t really camping so we decided to accomodate them.  Took the three youngest along with DS and went to General Butler State Park this weekend.  It was a long weekend.  We were off Friday, Sat, and Sun and the kids are still off today but I’ve got to work.  Anyway, we pitched two tents, inflated air beds, got a roaring campfire going, set everyone up with a picnic table and did somores with them.   DH and I bid them goodnight and went in the RV.

Woke up at 1:30 with Scout climbing into bed with us.  By 3:00,  Jake was whining that he was cold and wanted to stay in the RV.  Holly made it to 4:00 before she was stretching out on the sleeper sofa and enjoying the central heat.  Guess they don’t make very good campers.  And that was with airbeds!  They never would have made it the way we used to camp…on those skinny little air matresses that we blew up and tried to center under our sleeping bags.  They always went flat and we’d wake up freezing cold and miserable.

Gotta run…work is waiting.  At least, we don’t have kids today.  It’s an inservice day for teachers.