Still no coffee

Forgot to fix the timer on the coffeemaker so I’m sitting here with the first half cup that comes out of the thing which is like a major shot of espresso.  I walked in here and saw that it wouldn’t even begin brewing for ten more minutes.  At least, as I was collecting those first few much-needed drops, I reset the timer.  Should have coffee ready and waiting when I roll out tomorrow.

Yesterday was murder.  Got to work, had an IEP meeting at 8:00 which took up more than half my planning period, had a meeting with the boss-lady, taught classes (my BD child was present and active), had a department meeting after school, ran Steven and Jake home and then had to be at the doctor’s office at 4:00.  Finally left the doctor’s at 5:00 and had to be back at work at 6:00 for an ROTC meeting about the Highview Festival.  Several of the new members showed up and were very active and involved.  Made me real happy because I’m dying to be less active and less involved.  Got home at 8:00 and had a salad with sliced chicken breast for dinner and then had to hit the bed.

Today is another long one.  Not nearly as rough as yesterday but still plenty to keep me busy.  Have to be at school early for an National Honor Society meeting, lots of stuff to keep me busy during school and then ESS for an hour after school. Guess I’d better get moving.


optimismconfidencelaughter says 22nd September @ 16:02

Must admit i am not missing those IEPS while I am off. Still not too many people want meetings here. Do you have a lot of meetings? We have training meetings etc but not too many on the actual IEPs.
Good luck.

susan says 25th September @ 7:21

The Coffee Imp is out and about! The cord to our perculator shorted out and DH has traveled 5 miles to Dunkin Donuts to bring back 2 honkin’ big cups for us daily for the last week, bless his heart. Cord finally came yesterday and here I sit, drinking home brew while I read your blog. 🙂

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