Come on, Coffee!

DH hit the button on the coffeemaker timer yesterday and messed it up.  It’s a pain to reset and it looks like we didn’t get it quite right.  I’m up and the coffee is just now starting.  Definitely need to adjust that.

Wish I could sit in the spa this morning.  I haven’t spent much time in it this summer and I’d love to take my coffee out there.  Unfortunately, the twins use it a lot and I don’t trust their management of the chemicals.  Maybe I can remember to check it this afternoon.  Getting to be that time of year when it feels Heavenly.

Enjoyed dinner with the girls last night.  Pam provided lots of delicious, healthy choices.  We had grilled zucchini and mushrooms, grilled chicken and buffalo meat, green beans and a pasta salad.  Dessert was her mother’s famous Concord Grape pie.  I can’t make a pie crust.  Tried it maybe a half dozen times when I was young and decided that frozen was the way to go.  We were talking about having a pie party last night where we’d get together and make pies.  Sounds like fun.  But then, anytime we all get together, it’s fun!

Just called DGS, Steven, to roll out of bed and he says he’s too sick for school.  DH is piled up in bed.  We all have miserable colds and I’m the only one who has to venture out.   Andrew doesn’t have any classes on Tuesday so everyone gets to snuggle down under the covers while I have to cough and hack and sniff and snort my way through the day.  Dammit.


beerab www.thistimeits4real.com says 21st September @ 11:07

Ooh I’ve always wanted to try buffalo- how is it? I hear it’s better than beef.

That dinner sounds heavenly 🙂

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