Up and at ‘Em. Again

 Have to make this short.  I got up kind of late. 

We had a fun weekend with the kiddos.  They had a good time camping and sleeping in a tent.  The weather was fantastic!

I couldn’t help noticing, however, that it’s time to give Manny (the RV) a major cleaning.  Seems like things are getting pretty dusty in there and the carpet definitely could use a shampooing.  Lots of accumulated odds and ends in closets and drawers and we could stand to do some restocking.

I didn’t diet but I didn’t binge either.  Kept things under control for the most part and my weight is still 201.  Dinner is at Sistah Pam’s this evening.  A group of us go out to dinner once a month and do something ethnic.  Pam wanted to cook this month instead of doing Indian so we’re going to her house.  Always lots of fun to get with the girls. Don’t know what she’s fixing but I should probably go with carrot and celery sticks.


Sistah Pam says 20th September @ 7:46

going to have carrot sticks so don’t bring ’em!

No worries, you will have good choices to make for dinner. Dessert is the ‘worst’ part of the meal!

see you tonight

beerab says 20th September @ 11:48

Sounds like a fun weekend- we used to have an RV I loved it 🙂

brseay says 20th September @ 18:11

Glad you had a great weekend w/the kiddos. Hopefully now you’re rested for the week ahead.

Sounds like Pam has the carrots taken care of so enjoy tonight 🙂

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