Keeping the Faith!

I don’t have much time today.  Slept kind of late.  I’m pasting this logo on my blog every day until the deed is done.  Just a daily reminder and renewal of the commitment.  I need it today…didn’t lose and it shows me up .5 pounds.  🙁

I may be out of touch for a couple of days.  DGS, Jake, turns 13 today and he wants to go camping for the weekend.  Real camping, mind you.  With a tent and everything.  So…DH, DS, Jake, Scout and I are heading up to General Butler State Park for the weekend.  Jaker can pitch his tent right down the road from us because I’m staying in the RV.  That’s as campy as this old girl gets.  Dad and the boys can go down to the lake and catch dinner if they want.  I’m opting for some Lean Cuisine straight out of the freezer and into the microwave.  My idea of roughing it is using plastic forks.

Gotta run.  I need to pack and get ready for work.  Have a good one, little chicklets.


beerab says 17th September @ 9:54

lol plastic forks. Have a good time 🙂

sunnydaze says 17th September @ 11:16

Have a great weekend. Happy birthday to your DGS. 🙂

pepagirl says 17th September @ 16:59

Don’t forget your bug spray and a few healthy snacks to keep you going. Maybe you can go for a hike to get in some exercise. Have fun!

jelbelle says 17th September @ 17:21

Have fun camping! Make sure to get good use outta all that naturey terrain XD maybe go for a swim =P don’t get eaten by bears!

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