Finding My Way

That’s what I’m doing.  Finding my way back to a healthier weight and lifestyle.  It’s been difficult to find the motivation this time.  Almost a year that I’ve been waffling (excuse the pun, hee hee!) around with getting my act together.  I think the Twenty Pound Club might do it.  Several teachers have joined from school and I’m seeing Twenty Pound Emblems popping up on facebook and 3FC.  It’s attainable.  Twenty Pounds.  Something that can be done without feeling totally overwhelmed and yet twenty pounds can make a significant difference in the way clothing fits and the way we feel about ourselves.

So I’m still on track.  Lost another half pound.  Guess that makes me a member of the 18 1/2 pound club.  Still doing what I need to do and feeling like I can keep on doing it.  Even though Steven is rushing through his shower so we can stop at McDonalds on the way to school.  He says we’re out of both milk and bread and he can’t find anything for breakfast so I told him we’d stop at Mickey’s on the way in.  He immediately focused on pancakes.  The boy does NOT need to worry about calories.  He’s way too skinny.  Lucky….


sunnydaze says 16th September @ 9:53

Look at you go! Another half pound bites the dust! It sure keeps the motivation going, doesn’t it? Glad to hear that you’ve had alot of people join the TPC. 😀

jelbelle says 16th September @ 18:04

It’s insane how much 20 pounds really is! And how happy I’d be if I was only 20 pounds lighter, I think that’s quite enough motivation =) Keep working at it! We’ll be 20 pounds happier by Christmas! Even though I woke up craving pancakes T_T I don’t need to go wasting the money at Bob Evans anyways.

mrssparklingpersonality says 16th September @ 21:16

I want to join this club! How can I do that officially? 🙂


pepagirl says 16th September @ 22:38

Look at you! You’re gonna be the first challenge member to the finish line! Keep it up and good for you taking charge and not being everyone’s babysitter!

patty says 17th September @ 6:23

Welcome to the club Mrs. Personality! Just make the commitment, copy the logo and paste it on your post. Me, I’m putting it there every day to remind me.

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