I went back to school last night to find 3 ROTC cadets hanging around my desk in the library.  They said, “Major wants to know what you want to do with this stuff.” and they gestured to four 2-liter bottles of soft drinks (no diet) and four boxes of cookies fresh from the nearest Kroger deli.  No napkins, no cups, no ice, no tablecloth or serving platters.  Just a bunch of cookies and some 2-liters.   I said, “Tell him he can do whatever he wants with it.  Tell him to find some cups, napkins and whatever else he needs to set up for the parents” and then I walked away and got to work with stuff I needed to do.  Also known as “the annual budget report”.

In the end – the president wasn’t there (his kid graduated last May), the vice-president said, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know what to do” and sat there like a bump on a log while Major and I ran the entire meeting and I did the job of the treasurer and secretary.  We had a good turnout.  Probably 15 parents and another 15 cadets and I got really aggressive with them.  Gave an impassioned speech about how desperately we need parent volunteers and then Major started nominating people for offices, I asked them if they would be willing to fulfill those roles and we voted them in.  They nominated me for treasurer and I said I didn’t have time to do it this year and declined the nomination.  Sarge and Major looked shocked but we finished the meeting with 3 brand new officers and the same vice-president who said he didn’t mind staying in that office because “he never had to do anything anyway” so he didn’t have a problem remaining as VP.  Gosh, I sure do hope he doesn’t have to do anything this year.

Whoo Hoooo!  Sarge and Major aren’t going to know what hit em!  I’m sooooo out-of-there!  I’ll continue to work with the booster club for the benefit of the kids but I’m not going to be everything to everyone anymore.  They have four officers so I’m leaving with the ship intact and it’s up to them to keep it afloat.

I’m also awake almost an hour early which accounts for this nice long post.  I have to be at school 30 minutes early for a meeting of the National Honor Society this morning.  That’s another club I need to lose.  Andrew graduated last May and none of the grandkids are even members this year. 

I’m ready to hit the shower.  Proud member of the 20 Pound Club signing off!

5:40 update – Make that 19 Pound Club because one pound is HISTORY!!  Bye, Bye Baby!  Keep on walkin’ and don’t look back!

Sistah Pat

7:20 – Food for today was a hard boiled egg and tomato juice for breakfast (105 calories), Marie Callender’s entree for lunch (500) and leftover lasagna and a popsicle for dinner for a total of 905 calories.  Now I’m going to relax and watch Letters to Juliet and find a few more calories to finish out the day.  Maybe some cereal….


susan says 15th September @ 7:10

w00t! One pound gone AND no more ROTC banquets; Life is good.
Onward to passing the torch for the NHS…

sunnydaze says 15th September @ 11:25

Look at you go! 😉

optimismconfidencelaughter says 15th September @ 19:21

Sounds like a good week and it is only 1/2 done!


brseay says 17th September @ 22:12

I am so proud of you for making them actually do their jobs! It must feel fantastic 🙂

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