Waking Up is hard to do

They say that waking up is – haa-arrrrd to do-oo
Now I know-I know that it’s tru-ue.

I absolutely DID NOT want to get up this morning.  I swear, it seems like all I do is sleep lately and I still don’t want to get up.  Windows open, 57 degrees outside, snuggled under the covers, and the alarm goes off.  I’ve had coffee, had my shower and I still just want to crawl back in bed.

One of these day I’m going to retire and  set my alarm for 5:00 every morning just so I can turn it off and sleep as long as I want.  I had a horrible weekend.  Stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.  Lovely.  I spent most of the weekend decorating my Yoville RV and visiting little sister and brother at their YoVille houses.  Little brother doesn’t like YoVille and just wants to IM but Sis and I won’t let him.  We make him go to our houses. 

I brought home a stack of papers 4 inches high to grade for my students and didn’t get to it.  Not that I didn’t have time…just that I felt like Hell all weekend and didn’t want to.  By the way…that Gingered Beef recipe from Friday wasn’t all that good.  It was okay but it doesn’t go in the Favorite Recipe Category.  I have a Marie Callendar’s for lunch today and a tomato juice for breakfast.  Now I’m off to the mines, girls.

12:00 – I’m taking an actual lunch break.  Going to sit right here at my desk and claim every one of my twenty minutes.

black coffee

Marie Callender entree (500 calories)


brseay says 13th September @ 17:31

I hope you actually got to eat your lunch. I finally got to eat mine at 2:15 🙂

I know you know this, but you need to “eat” more than coffee for breakfast. Something with protein to keep you full. If time is an issue, maybe you could hard boil a bunch of eggs and keep them in the fridge and then grab them as you head out the door? Or cheese sticks are even faster.

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