A woman of her word

I said I’d write…so I will.  I meant to this morning but I had a headache last night and took a Tylenol PM before bed.  Needless to say, I squeezed out the last little bit of sleep this morning and hit the floor running.

Killer day at work.  I had a working lunch and couldn’t find time to even go to the bathroom.  We had what we call “Thinking Thursday” today.  That’s when we have to lose our planning period to go observe other teachers in their classrooms and then get together as a group to discuss the “rigor” of the classroom.  :-{

At least, I got out somewhat early.  Three thirty and I was out the door.  My darling little BD saw me in the hall and screamed “What the F*ck I got detention for, you Bitch?  I didn’t do nothin, you f*cking ho!  I hate you, you Bitch.  You better watch your back, Ho!” 

Gosh, I miss her.

Living on turkey breast, fake “lite” bread, Lean Cuisine’s and popsicles.  Still thinking about exercise.   Does that count?


omai says 9th September @ 16:53

Your “BD” sounds like such a pleasant creature. And what an extensive vocabulary! hehehehe

susan says 9th September @ 17:29

“Still thinking about exercise. Does that count?”

Chalk it up as mental exercise.

I hate how our society is in the gutter and young ladies use such language. Leave that to us F*ckin’ old bitch Hos, damn it. 🙂

brseay says 9th September @ 17:50

I can’t believe that something can’t be done about that girl even though she’s BD. They can’t be punished per se b/c it’s a “manifestation of their disability” but they can be placed in a more restrictive environment. Maybe KY is different than IA but we have alternative placements for our kids who can’t play nice with others.

But, please, don’t send her to Iowa! I have enough kids w/anger issues.

patty says 9th September @ 20:20

Yeah, she spent most of last year at an alternative school but they tried to place her back in a regular school setting this year. She’s already headed back but they won’t take her until the end of October.

losingit2010 says 10th September @ 9:38

Geez you have more restraint than I but then i guess that is why I am not a teacher. I would never have thought to ever say anything like that (out loud) to anyone, friends, parents or teachers. Good job on your goals and life, keep up the good work

optimismconfidencelaughter says 11th September @ 18:23

BD sounds like most of my students. I feel for you. This year I am off for the year on sabbatical (we call it 4 over 5). you should see if you can do that at your board. The 4 years at 80% salary are painful, but the year off with pay is worth it.


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