Not too shabby

Yesterday wasn’t too bad.  Calories were a bit higher than I’d like but not much.  Wish I could let go of those yummy cherry/mango popsicles but they’re like a shining star in my otherwise drab existence.

On the agenda for today:  I’ve got to get Steven up so the two of us can go to school.  I’m doing a coffeecake training session for staff today so I’ll be demonstrating what teachers can do with classroom webpages and passing out cake and coffee all day.  I have three classes this year (that’s only one class shy of a full teaching load) and I can only hope my students behave today.  Most of them are pretty good and they have plenty to keep them busy since they’re working on their own webpages.

I don’t think I have any committments after school but I’m sure I do.  I always do.  Just have to wait until I get to school and check my calendar.

Exercise suffered yesterday.  I couldn’t figure out what to do.  My workout room is a disaster.  The boys have used it for storage again.  It was too hot to walk (95 degrees) and yet the pool is down to 70 degrees because of a couple of chilly nights we had over the weekend.

It was great to hear from you guys.  I can always count on you to be there.  I was able to spend a little bit of time trying to catch up yesterday evening.  Wow!  Some of you are doing fantastic!  They’re going to have to change the name of this place to “A bunch of skinny chicks!”

5:00 update – Not a bad day.  Worked over 2 hours.  We had a meeting of the school marketing committee.  I knew there was something.  Everyday there’s something.  Anyway, I’m home now.  We had a pretty good turnout for the coffee cake session today.  35 teachers.  My kids were really good and the one student I have who gives me ulcers got sent home 2nd period so I didn’t have to worry about her.  She’s BD.  That is…she’s labeled as having a behavior disorder and that allows her to get away with murder.  She’s already cussed me out twice this year and threatened to “take me out” and nothing seems to happen.  I do everything I can to help her be successful in class but she comes in with an attitude every day and does everything she can to make her teachers miserable.  Actually, I’m pretty lucky.  I have her last period and she frequently gets sent home or to in-school detension before she makes it to my class.  Those of you who have known me for a while know that I’m not one who walks away from kids with problems but, I have to admit, this one has just about done me in.  Everytime she goes ballistic, I have to do tons of paperwork and meet with her mother, the dean of students and the assistant principal.  And nothing happens. 

Anyway…we had the coffee cake sessions today and I didn’t even taste the coffee cake.  I passed it out all day and ate leftover Lime Grilled Chicken with Cuban Salsa and chinese green beans for lunch.  I tried to give away the leftover cake but wound up bringing half an oblong cake home.  The kids can have it.  For some reason, it’s not tempting me.

Now…if I could just get motivated to exercise again.


beerab says 8th September @ 10:58

Hey girl long time no post! Sorry I lost all my blog links and then you NEVER commented to me so I barely happened to see your link on another blog today.

Sorry you are dealing with a lot, I hope it gets better. I know the old “talk” with hubby thing. My husband and I had that “talk” and I told him while he’s still young he should take care of himself- he was getting MAN BOOBS! He has MS and the doctor said diet and exercise are very important.

beerab says 8th September @ 11:40

Oh btw I was teasing- I think that was hard to tell on my comment lol.

brseay says 8th September @ 18:02

That kid must be tough if she has you frustrated. Isn’t it sad how many angry kids there are out there? I think every other kid who comes into my office starts out by saying “I have anger issues….”

Joy says 9th September @ 6:17

Asa parent who has a child who had a behavior IEP I am so sorry about what you are going through. Our DS who is now 18 was often to that level. That has got to be so rough as a teacher.
Sorry about DH smoking. You are handling it well.
I am so proud of you for not smoking! 🙂
I quit about 5 years ago now and it does get easier. You will be able to slowly go back to stuff you used to do. For me that first cup of coffee killed me without the smoke so I switched to tea for a while. The computer killed me without smoking so I went on with a cup of chai tea instead. You are doing great! Keep it up!

You are right about my boys feeling it less than me (moms passing). They have not seen her in 4 1/2 years. My one DS never has seen her. I hope their pain is not so bad because of this. Thanks for the advice.

Keep it up. From another ex-smoker it will start to get easier every day. I promise!!

Ashleigh @leighish says 9th September @ 13:47

Oh Patty. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Thought I’d drop in and say Hello! Congratulations on quitting smoking. I am so proud of you! For some odd reason, I’ve gained nearly 30 lbs in the last nine months. I’m hoping to shed it pretty quickly here in the near future. I’m gonna need your support to keep me from packing on the “I’m bored at home” pounds!

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