Just nod if you can hear me…  Is there anyone at home….

Sorry I’ve been gone so long.  Our router went out and I couldn’t get on the internet at home for ten days.  (Thanks, AT&T, for your prompt response…)  And school, well, school is a nightmare.  There have only been two days this year when I’ve gotten out on time.  And that’s not really on time.  That’s just within 30 minutes of being on time.  Every other day, I’ve been there for at least two hours over.  They’re eating us alive this year. 

Yesterday, it was a professional development session that the principal wanted me to attend and share with staff.  Today is a meeting.  Tomorrow is another 3 hour professional development session.  Thursday is a full work day, then a 30 minute drive to a mandatory 2 hour PD, then a 30 minute drive back to school for open house from 6:00 to 8:00.  Just seems like it never ends.

And while I’m at school?  I can’t get free long enough to even go to the bathroom!  It’s vicious.

Anyway, while I have ten minutes, I wanted to post real quick and update.  Still not smoking, no longer exercising (Are you kidding?  When can I fit it in???) and eating whatever comes my way.  Haven’t weighed myself in forever.  Sounds pretty dismal, doesn’t it?


losingit2010 says 31st August @ 9:13

Hey I can hear you..you know the weight thing may not be the most important thing right now…do what makes you happy,what gives you comfort and joy

optimismconfidencelaughter says 31st August @ 14:44

I am sure running to those meetings counts as exercise! Good work on the smoking! Accept and celebrate your wins and don’t get hung up on the rest. At least that is my opinion!


Sarah @ Low Stress Weight Loss says 31st August @ 17:59

Bravo on the not smoking! I don’t think you have much chance of making a TOTAL lifestyle change all at once (quitting smoking, doing intense exercise & also dieting) so I think the approach of doing ONE first and then later adding another is the smart approach (also, the pragmatic one!)

brseay says 31st August @ 18:05

The beginning of the year is brutal and it sounds like this year is worse for you than most. It is a HUGE accomplishment that you’re still not smoking. When life slows down you will make time to exercise and then it will be easier to make good food choices.

But promise me that you’ll look through your committments and make sure they are all things you HAVE to do. You are always the “go to” person for everyone, they may need to find someone else to lean on for once.

Glad to see you back.

Lady & 1 dawg says 1st September @ 16:21

I can’t believe all the extra u seem to have to do! i don’t think the teachers where I live do that!!
you just take care of yourself..

susan says 1st September @ 19:32

w00t on the not smoking! That is HUGE in my book. 🙂

Hope all the cattywompus of the of the new school year settles down soon and you find your balance.

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