That’s what I’m aiming for.  Going to try to keep it to 1,000 calories per day for the next 5 days and see if I can jump start some weight loss.  I haven’t been on the scales but I can definitely tell that I haven’t lost any weight.

Still not smoking, still jogging in the pool 45 minutes per day.  Still eating too much.

DIL picked up the boys Sunday and I have Jake this morning.  First day back to school for the kiddos.  Hope I get a good group of kids.


brseay says 17th August @ 18:03

Just don’t stay on the 1000 calorie plan for too long or your body will hang onto every pound.

Another thing I thought of and forgot to mention before now is that when you’re smoking your metabolism is artificially higher. I was reminded of this when I saw a show about a woman who was dieting and quitting smoking at the same time. So even if you eat the same number of calories you would be destined to gain weight. The fact that you’re not gaining weight is a testament to your determination.

I know it’s easy for me to say, but even if your weight holds steady for a while you are doing so much for your health. Keep fighting the good fight.

Here’s hoping you have great kids this year 🙂 Today was the 1st day back for teachers but we don’t see kids until Monday. Hallejuiah, I don’t know if I could handle kids before then.

Sarah (round) says 18th August @ 2:21

First and foremost, CONGRATS on not smoking! Honestly, if you can whip that, I think you can whip anything!

I totally understand about the shock therapy for a few days to get the body (and especially mind) into a new place, ready for a new approach.

Good luck!

Susan says 18th August @ 12:31

I’m doing Sock Therapy. It’s so relaxing to match the 15 different socks my men go through in a couple of days. Yes, I said 15 because there is always one without a mate.

Can I send my body down to you & you can put it through Shock Therapy & Cigarette Quitting for me? I’ll just leave my head on the couch and let it watch Bravo channels all day. That way, I can’t walk to the kitchen or outside to have a smoke.

losingit2010 says 23rd August @ 9:06

How is shock therapy going? Can’t remember if your shock therapy is from calorie counting or the start of new school year? Hope all is well and keep up the good work.

Joy says 26th August @ 6:04

How are you doing? How is school going? ow is the quitting smoking? I am so proud of you. You will work through this Patty. Hope to see you back here soon.

Joy says 28th August @ 5:58

You doing okay?? I hope that either way you come back soon. We miss you here.

brseay says 28th August @ 8:29

I hope everything is ok. Let us know how you’re doing.

susan says 30th August @ 20:41

Hi Patty! I’m missing you & sending you virtual hugs 🙂

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