…with white icing and sprinkles.

Today has not been a good day.  I’m kind of put-out that DGS, Steven, has ROTC “camp” for a week.  He has to be at school from 8:00 to 1:00.  That means no sleeping in.  Of course, 6:45 is not really that early but it kind of spoils the last week before I have to start working.  He had it yesterday, today, tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday.

So I got up early and grabbed some coffee.  Stepped on the scales and the damn things shot up to 201.5.  Are you kidding me??  Damn!!  Went out to the car and found out that DH ran all the gas out of it.  School is almost 15 miles away and it showed enough gas for 8 miles.  Figured I could coax it to school and then get gas after I dropped Steven off.

They’re redoing some old railroad tracks that cross a main drag on the way to school and the road is closed for the next two weeks.  School is kind of on the outskirts of the city and there aren’t that many roads that go there.  So I had to go way out of the way yesterday morning and decided to let the GPS show us a new way this morning.  It was kind of squirrely.  Wound through some twisty, curvy, hilly woods but we came out just down the road from the school.  I dropped Steven off and then headed down the road to the gas station and had to drive by  what Jake and Scout call “that place where they make the most deeeelicious, awesomest doughnuts in the world” so I pulled in and picked up a dozen of them.  Considering that the kids have been staying here and the twins could eat a dozen by themselves, I figured I wouldn’t have much trouble getting rid of them.

I came out and noticed that the sky was really dark in the direction of home.  Really dark.  Looked like a major storm was heading my way and I could see ligntning in the distance.  I pulled into the gas station, turned the car off and my seat automatically slid all the way back like it always does when you turn it off.  I gassed up the car, hopped back in and turned the key.  And my seat didn’t move.  I turned the key off and then turned it on again.  Nothing. I tried to reach the gas pedal and could only touch it with the tip of my toe.  I mean, let’s face it, five foot two just doesn’t go that far.  So I pushed the forward button on the control panel, grabbed the steering wheel and did my best to pull it forward.  Nothing.  Damn, Damn, Damn!  I reached for my cigarettes and remembered that I don’t smoke anymore.

I got in the trunk and started pulling books out.  I had an entire box of them that I was going to donate to the teachers’ book exchange when we start back to work.  I managed to stack enough of them behind me to allow me to perch on the edge of the seat and reach the pedals.  Started driving home and, halfway there, got caught in the unfamiliar twisty woodsy area when the downpour started.  It was DARK.  I mean, like night.  The rain was coming down in sheets and I was clutching the steering wheel to keep from falling off my stack of books while trying to catch a glimpse of the road in-between wiper sweeps.

I finally made it home.  It was still pouring and I left the doughnuts in the car and made a mad dash for the front door.  Obviously, this is not going to be another “sunny, fun day in the pool” day.

I was drenched and the house was freezing because I was dripping wet in the air conditioning.  I stripped down and got into a hot shower.  Just started to get warm and the phone started ringing.  I grabbed a towel and ran to the kitchen to answer it.  It was Steven.  Major didn’t show up today.  None of the kids knew what to do so they were all going home.

I went back out to the car -in the downpour – sitting on the books- and headed out to pick him up.  I thought I remembered the way the GPS showed me but I made a wrong turn somewhere and couldn’t figure out how to get back on track.  I pulled over at a gas station and got the GPS out to set it for the school.  Reached into the console for my cigarettes and, of course, they weren’t there.  But the doughnuts were still in the car.  Sitting right there on the passenger seat.  And I took one.

And it was good.


2dogs1lady says 5th August @ 16:51

Sounds like the stopping smoking is putting an edge on you. At lest you are safe and so what..a donut is 110% better than a cig!!

brseay says 5th August @ 18:55

What an ordeal! And what’s amazing is that it was only 1 donut and not 2, 3, 10…

Ini (Song of the road) says 6th August @ 11:46

You had a really tough day. It was all right to have a doughnut. You are doing so well otherwise. You will lose it and more in no time.


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