No cigarettes, no junk food, coffee is about all I have left.  Yesterday made a week of taking the Chantix and I put down the cigarettes.  I went out with the girls yesterday and, since they don’t smoke, it made it fairly easy during the day.  We went to Huber Orchard and Winery, did a little wine tasting, ate lunch, picked up some fresh peaches and produce and then headed out to visit a couple of botanical gardens.  It took us forever to find the first one and then we discovered we’d arrived in-between tours.  The next one wouldn’t be for almost an hour.  Not wanting to sit in the parking lot, we skipped it and headed to another garden.

The next garden was a lot of fun.  It was even fun trying to find it as we drove through a maze of detours, dead end roads and wrong turns.  Don’t you love it when the GPS shows you out in the middle of nowhere and keeps nagging you to “make a u-turn” where there’s no road?  Hidden Hill Garden is owned and maintained by a former newspaper columnist.  He always wrote about eclectic people and interesting characters in our area and his garden reflected as much.  He was very friendly and talkative and had a multitude of quirky garden ornaments and sculptures adorning the grounds.  I’d love to stay and talk with him a while but it was HOT and the mosquitoes had discovered my ankles and were feasting with abandon.  Pam got a sculpture, LeeAnn got a sage plant and I got mosquito bites.

We headed on down the road to visit The Concrete Lady (yeah, we made a few wrong turns on that one, too.) LeeAnn picked up a quirky little planter for her sage and then we headed home.  All in all, a wonderful day with dear friends.

Did I say I weighed in at 197.5 yesterday morning?  That was before quitting smoking.  I ate a LOT last night.  Planned a cold dinner of sliced ham, jalapeno cheese spread, assorted crackers, monteray jack cheese, watermelon, cherries, cantelope, peaches, pickles, olives and sliced tomatoes.  I was doing good heading into dinner.  I came home and did 30 minutes of jogging in the pool.  I’d eaten healthy and I’d put down the cigarettes.  Then it hit me.  I ate my cold dinner.  Then I ate some more cheese.  And another slice of ham.  And some more watermelon.  I was eating to replace the cigarettes.  I nibbled on dinner stuff until I thought I’d get sick and finally gave up and went to bed.

I consoled myself that it was healthy food I was eating but I think I made the wrong dinner for the first night of not smoking.  It was easy to nibble all evening.  This morning, the scales show 200 again.  A fluke?  I don’t know.  All I know is that I’m going to fight the good fight today.  I have a light dinner planned and I’m going to exercise and keep myself busy all day.  That might keep me from wanting a cigarette and substituting food.

2:45 Update – I ate breakfast.  I know…that’s normal.  But it’s not normal for me.  I only ate it because I was, once again, replacing cigarettes with food.  Still, I only ate one egg, a slice of ham and one piece of toast.

I blogged for a while, then signed onto Facebook and spent two hours decorating my Yoville house and harvesting my crops on Farmville.  Went out and did 30 minutes of laps in the pool, did some gardening, sat down on the patio and saw DH spitting.  BROWN spit!  Dammit!  You don’t give up smoking by chewing tobacco.  Gross!  I freaked out.  I was so angry.  Sometimes I think he was put on this earth for the sole purpose of making me crazy. 

Oops…better get off here and go to the store.  I just realized I’m munching on pretzels.  I’m going to pick up some healthy stuff for dinner and try to keep busy.  I WILL make it through this day and there’s no way that chewing tobacco is EVER going to tempt me.


susan says 30th July @ 9:46

Patty, I bought a tube of Walmarts brand of “Commit” lozenges, which take the edge off of cravings. I don’t know if you can combine ’em with Chantrix or not. Quitting & dieting at the same time is ambitious! I’m rootin’ for you 🙂

losingit2010 says 30th July @ 10:02

YEAH for you for quitting smoking that is freakin awesome

I had a GPS system say to me “UMMM” when trying for directions, it was pretty funny

My coffee in the morning is OJ, I have to have my OJ no matter what and if I don’t get my OJ I am very very irritated.

I enjoy reading your blog

Losing It 2010

patty says 30th July @ 14:58

Susan, It says not to use any other smoking cessation product with the Chantix. Probably better leave it alone. As far as being ambitious…nah, just hoping the endormorphines from the exercise will replace the nicotine high. (hee hee!)

brseay says 31st July @ 8:26

Part of the reason you’re such a good teacher is b/c you have so much practice @ home not losing your cool.

A few things that will keep your mouth busy w/o packing on a ton of pounds are sunflower seeds (in the bigger seed so that you have to work at getting the nut out) and/or hard candy. Hey, if you choose the seeds you and DH can have a spittin’ contest 🙂

I have never had to quit smoking so I have no way to relate to you but I do know that everything I read says it waaaaaay better to be a bit overweight and a non-smoker than the proper weight and smoking. If you’re worried about bingeing on healthy foods, watermelon is super low in calories compared to grapes and it has a ton of water so it will flush out your system. Do you like celery? That has a lot of crunch so it takes a while to eat and it’s uber-low-calorie. Otherwise I have heard that keeping your hands busy (gardening, knitting, crocheting, etc.) helps. And just think, if you jog in the pool every time you have an urge to smoke you won’t have to worry about the extra calories from snacking a bit more.

Is it annoying to get advice on quitting smoking from someone who hasn’t smoked? I just pondered what I wrote and realized it’s a bit pompous but I’m not going to delete it in case there’s a good idea in there.

Keep fighting the fight! If anyone can tackle quitting smoking and weight loss you can.

Ooh, here’s another idea I just thought of. I read once that part of the reason smoking is calming is b/c of the deep breaths you take when you inhale. For that reason, doing yoga or some other form of mediation where you focus on your breath is supposed to be a good substitute. Again, another crazy idea from a non-smoker 🙂

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