Come on Down!

The price is right!  Ummm…I mean, the weight is right.  198.5 this morning.  Still coming down. 

I attended an all day training session yesterday.  Went to lunch with Sister Pam.  I ordered a mango salad with grilled chicken from Qdoba.  Can’t say I cared for it.  I kind of picked around through half of it and tossed the rest.

Met the girls for dinner last night and we had Vietnamese.  I went with the summer rolls instead of the fried egg rolls and had shredded pork with vermicelli as the main course.  Instead of a fruity foo foo drink, I just had a lite beer.  Still not really dieting but the small changes are evidently making a difference.

Surprise, surprise!  DH walked in the pool yesterday without nagging.  In fact, he walked in the pool when I said we could skip a day.  Whoo Hooo!  We had a drenching downpour yesterday afternoon just before we both got home.  I had to meet the girls for dinner in 45 minutes so, when he said, “Aren’t you getting in the pool?”  I said, “Nah, I have to go out in a few minutes and don’t want to have to redo my hair and makeup.  Besides, it’s all wet and nasty out there.”  Then he surprised me by saying, “Well, I’m going to go ahead and do my 15 minutes.”  Good for him!

Of course, it can be amazing how quickly habits are formed.  I got home at 7:30 and it was bothering me that I hadn’t done my laps so I changed into a bathing suit and got them done.

Now, I’m off for another day of training…


brseay says 28th July @ 19:54

Yay for DH! And yay for you for making the healthiest choices you could.

Are you back for the rest of the year or is this just a couple of days of training? Sadly I haven’t even gone an entire week w/o going into school and I am NOT ready to go back full time. We have about 2 more weeks and then it’s time to hit the ground running. Ugh.

Joy says 29th July @ 7:03

That is so wonderful that DH is getting in some workout! I am so proud of you for eating healthy. Good job! 🙂

susan says 29th July @ 10:18

Sounds like you found your groove again ~ yay you!

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