Half a pound gone.  It’s a start.  I still haven’t gotten intense with dieting.  Just watching what I eat, trying to make healthy choices and jogging in the pool for twenty minutes a day.

Last night’s dinner was really good.  I marinated thick slices of pork tenderloin in orange juice, lime juice, a little oregano and cumin, olive oil, salt and a bit of Splenda.  Then I seared it, added half the marinade, put a lid on it and let it simmer until the pork was done and the marinade was reduced to nothing.  Then I removed the pork and threw some sliced yellow peppers, onions, and zucchini in the pan, gave them a quick saute, added the rest of the marinade and served the veggies over the pork.  I topped it all with a few slices of fresh mango.  Man, talk about delicious!  I wrote it in here so I can remember what I did.  It was definitely a keeper.

Got a full day of work today and tomorrow.  All day inservice from 8:30 to 3:30.  Since it’s 7:30 now, I guess I should start moving.  Also have dinner with the girls tonight.  That’ll be fun!

Oh, BTW, DH actually walked in the pool yesterday without me nagging.  At least, he said he did and the grandkids backed him up.  DS and I had to go to Little Sister’s and help her set up an above-ground pool she got on clearance and he says he did laps while I was gone.  Come to think of it, that was one heck of a workout.  Shoveling and leveling that daggone pool in 96 degrees.  Should have burned off a few calories.


brseay says 27th July @ 9:43

Even though I didn’t leave comments on your last few posts I caught myself up w/what’s going on in your life. I wonder if DH will do better w/exercise if he does it on his own? Maybe it was just a coincidence that he did it when you were gone but knowing how much pride guys tend to have, maybe he’s afraid that you’ll show him up in the pool b/c he has gotten out of shape. Who knows, but it’s great that he did it!!!

I’m waiting for my hubby’s lab results before we have a deep heart-to-heart. I don’t know if you watch “Losing it with Jillian” but last week there was a family where both parents were overweight and their 10 year-old son was borderline diabetic. The wife had been slowly losing weight and trying to introduce healthy foods to the family but the hubby and kids resisted it and called her a nag. Once Jillian arrived on the scene the mom admitted that she was angry at her husband for jeopardizing his life and the life of their child and as I watched it I was a sobbing mess. My hubby and son are healthier than the people on the show but that wife put into words what I have been feeling for so long. I wanted to talk w/him right after watching that show but I decided to wait until we have his blood work back for ammunition. Sadly I’m guessing that at least one of the tests will show a problem and I’m hoping that if he’s faced w/medical evidence that he needs to change that it will make it easier for me to make my point.

Sorry to ramble on about me but you are always such a good sounding board and we’re kind of going through the same thing right now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your hubby continues to do his pool workout 🙂

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