Finally broke down and weighed yesterday.  Flat line 200.  How did I let this happen?  The most I ever weighed in my entire life was 203 and that was after sitting in a wheelchair for two months.  Sigh…Why do I do this?

At any rate, I’m getting focused.  Ate a cereal bar for breakfast yesterday.  Ate a Lean Cuisine for lunch and fixed healthy chinese for dinner.  I did slip up in the afternoon.  Ate an ice cream sandwich.  Not that I succumbed to temptation.  I really didn’t even think about it.  I was handing them out to the grandkids and took one for myself.  After I ate it and was throwing out the paper, it dawned on me.  Crap!  I’m on a diet.  I shouldn’t be eating this stuff!  Still, I don’t guess it did too much damage in the long run.  I jogged in the pool yesterday.  That should have helped.

I’m not ready for watching every little thing and counting every little calorie yet.  I’m getting there.  Right now, I’m focusing on quitting smoking, exercising every day and eating healthy.

DH really enjoyed the chinese last night so I’m fixing Chinese again tonight.  He loves Hot and Sour soup and I’ve never found a recipe that I would classify as great so I’m trying a new one.  Also going to fix Pork and Cabbage with some lean pork loin.  If I throw in some more homegrown tomatoes, it ought to be a halfway decent dinner.

Now, I’m off to the pool for jogging laps.  Going for twenty minutes today.

1:15 – Did my 20 minutes in the pool and ate a cereal bar.  Calories for today…120 so far.


Sarah @ Low Stress Weight Loss says 26th July @ 8:12

Ouch. Welcome to the Bottom. Now, good girl for getting going.

Just think, you’ll have a bigger number for your fabulous “before and after” story!

Hang in there – take it one day at a time Patty, don’t try to be back at “master dieter” level right away. Babysteps back on track, it’s more important to do it long term than do it fast!

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