Here we go!

Okay, I’ve got a few half-ass trying to get it together days behind me and I think I’m ready.  Think I can focus.  DH is going to do whatever he’s going to do.  I’m going to nag him to death but I’m not going to let him derail me.

Eating hasn’t been so good.  I mean, I’ve been eating the stuff they served us at the conference all week and it wasn’t the healthiest but I left the cookies and chips and obviously bad stuff in the box.  Ate the pasta salad and sandwiches with half the bun.  Dinner has usually been leftover box lunches because every day they had a couple hundred extra and told all of us who were working it to take some home for dinner.  The rest were donated to a homeless shelter.  Except Thursday.  On Thursday, they decided to leave the extra lunches for us to eat on Friday since the conference was over and ten to fifteen of us would be taking stuff down and getting the building back in order.

So, on Friday, we had 300 assorted box lunches in the walk-in fridge.  After we ate, the coordinator told the clean up crew to throw the rest out because they couldn’t donate anything that was a day old.  Are you crazy??? It just killed me!  How can you throw out 300 box lunches with sandwiches or pasta salad or cheese tortillini, apples, chips, cookies, brownies, etc?  Do you think hungry people will turn up their noses at a day old box lunch?  Still, that’s the policy. 

So, I went downstairs and started packing up lunches to take home.  I put 50 of them in a box and loaded them into my car.  Came home and picked out all the apples, cookies, chips, etc.  The sandwiches were probably soggy so I threw them out but I salvaged at least a gallon of pasta salad and cheese tortellin.  I also snagged 20 chipotle grilled chicken breasts.  Sorry…I just couldn’t see it hitting the trash.  I didn’t really have time to deal with it or I would have taken more.  Is it just me, or could you sit back and watch 250 box lunches hit the trash?  And these were catered by a decent restaurant at $9.00 each.  Just because they’d sat in a refrigerator overnight?

Anyway, that stuff is for whoever wants to eat it.  There’s certainly enough people here.  DH, DS, two nineteen year old grandsons, Jake and Scout.  DIL dropped them off last Friday for DS’s weekend and she hasn’t picked them up.  He’s called her several times and she just says she’s sick and he’s going to have to watch them and then hangs up on him.  We don’t know what’s going on with that.  DS thinks she has a new boyfriend and is staying with him.  We’ve turned it over and over in our minds about what to do but I don’t think there’s anything we can do.  We told the courts how she is.  Told them this would happen.  And no one listened and no one cared.  She has custody and there’s nothing we can do.  Never mind that she hasn’t picked them up for eight days and refuses to discuss why or when she’s picking them up.  In fact, DS told her on Wednesday that the kids were upset and worried and if she was sick, he’d be glad to keep them until she felt better but he’d like to at least bring them by to see her.  She got really uptight and said she wasn’t able to deal with them right now and she did not want him to bring them over.  Of course, I can kind of understand why…her car hasn’t been there all week so she’s not home.  This is not his weekend to have them and he has to work so I’m watching them.  We have no idea when she’ll pick them up.

Enough about that…just venting..

On the healthy living aspect of things.  I think I’m ready.  Already exercised in the pool today.  Took my Chantix.  Had a cereal bar with milk for breakfast.  I’ve got to take a shower and get the chlorine off and (sigh..) I’m going to weigh myself.

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