I’m at school.  Been here since 6:45.  The conference starts today and I’m doing the technology for it.  Big difference in the conference I did last year and this one.  Last year was a nightmare that just about did me in.  This year, even though I’m supposed to be handling the “technology” for the conference, they have a stellar group of techies doing everything that I had to do by myself last year.  The general directions I got on Friday and today have been, “Just hang around and we’ll let you know if we need anything.”  Hey!  I can do that while getting paid my regular hourly rate.  Just call if you need something.  Otherwise, I’ll be sitting at my desk blogging on 3FC.

I meant to read the directions on the Chantix this morning but 5:00 a.m. came too early for me to be coherent.  I think you’re supposed to take one a day and continue smoking for one week.

As for dinner, DH is home and I’ll have to call and let him know what to fix for dinner.  I heated the pool yesterday so he won’t have any excuse not to jog in there with me this afternoon.  The only snag is that lunch is provided for this conference and I don’t know what it is but I’ll just have to use common sense to address it.  Stay away from the cookies!

Gotta do something.  More later.

12:00 – Hanging in there.  Lunch was a sliver of tomato that was laughable, a thin little piece of wilted leaf lettuce, and sliced turkey on a bun the size of my butt.  I mean it–HUGE bun.  I ditched the bun, ditched the cookie, ditched the mint, ditched the chips and ate the bottom of the bun with the meat and a tiny portion of pasta salad.  Drank a diet Coke.  So far,so good.

By the way, “Somebodylosingit2010” or something like that left a comment.  I accidently clicked on delete without meaning to.  Please leave another comment with your blog address!

1:30 Update – Acckk!  They just came up and said “Pat, we have tons of food left, would you like a few lunches to take home for dinner?”  I thought I was handling it fantastically by saying, “No thank you.  I had a turkey sandwich and I’m stuffed.”  Then they said, “You got the sandwich?  Why did you do that?  Didn’t you see the lunches on the other side of the room from The Cafe?  The Roasted Chicken and Pasta Salad?  The Chicken salad with Pecans on Walnut Wheat bread with the apple slices and lettuce?  The spinach strata with bacon, Parmesan and Swiss cheese?”

So I caved.  I guess that’s what you’d call it.  I’m packing six lunches when I leave today.  Guess dinner is a done deal.  I’ll continue to keep it healthy.  Maybe I can do something with the spinach strata…

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