Got Maters?

I do!  Lots and lots of ripe tomatoes waiting for me to pluck from the vine. 

Got home from vacation(?) late Thursday and didn’t get to bed until almost 2:00 a.m.  Then I had to be at work at 7:00.  Uggghhh.  Still recovering and I have to work all next week, too.

 We almost finished the siding on the cabin.  Wound up a little bit short on the J channel and didn’t want to make another 30 mile trip to pick up some more so we decided to leave the last little bit for next time.  As you can see, it’s just a little bit at the very top.  I took this picture just as we were getting ready to head out.

    See the two white rockers on the porch?  Oldest DS dropped them off at the cabin about six months ago.  Someone threw them out and the seats needed to be reglued and reinforced.  The wood slats had gotten loose and the polyurethane or whatever finish was on them had blistered and peeled.  I decided to redo them while we were there and they turned out great.  I sanded them down and DH tightened and reinforced the slats on the seats.  I painted them white and I’m really happy with them.  One man’s trash….

We worked way too hard.  Both of us up on ladders doing the siding in 100 degree heat and I sanded those daggone chairs until I thought I’d scream but it always feels good when you get something accomplished.

We left Florida and headed to Tunica, Mississippi for the last four days of free hotel rooms and buffets.  Lost about $150 in the casino but I guess we got more than that in room and food.  Got to lie around the pool and soak up some sun.  I also went to the Outlet Mall and picked up a few goodies.

DH didn’t want to quit smoking on vacation and I didn’t either.  We felt that we should be able to relax for a couple of weeks before getting down to it so we’re starting tomorrow.  Also starting eating healthy and exercising.  I can’t believe he’s agreed to it but I’m not going to argue!  He seems really hyped about getting in shape before we take the cruise in November.  I think both of us got quite a wakeup call on vacation.  Doing all that work just about killed us and we kept saying, “We’ve got to get back in shape!”

I’ve still got a ton of stuff to do today, got to do laundry, clean the pool, weed the garden, etc.  I’m so happy to actually have home-grown tomatoes this year.  What a treat!  DH and I are going to set some goals this evening and I’ll be blogging our progress!



brseay says 18th July @ 20:40

Welcome back! The cabin looks great and all that work on the rockers will pay huge dividends when you return and can relax.

I’m excited to hear about your goals and the fact that DH is on board. My hubby is having his physical tomorrow and I’m dying to hear his results. This time I’m going to make sure that he gets the blood work done and not that I’m hoping for bad results…but I’m guessing that it won’t show a healthy body. He actually bought and ate whole wheat pasta last week so anything can happen, right??

Enjoy the tomatoes, mine are still a couple of weeks from being ready. But my cucumbers are coming in by the bushel. I’m heading to Ft. Wayne, IN this week–I’ll bring some w/me and we can meet in the middle 🙂

Joy says 19th July @ 6:49

So glad to see you back!
Your cabin looks so nice . What a pretty spot.
I am so glad that you are both quitting smoking and starting the healthy eating again. 🙂

elliehastings says 19th July @ 10:12

The chairs look great! I have a couple of rocking chairs I bought from Cracker Barrel that need to be redone. You’ve given me the boost I needed to “just do it” already! Good job!

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