Slept until 10:00 this morning, took my coffee to the patio, watched the birds on the feeders, planted two flowers, took a dip in the pool and now I’m ready to clean house.  Wild and crazy teacher days off.

I got DH in the pool yesterday evening but he complained that his leg was cramping so he just walked around.  I didn’t jog because it seemed kind of silly (?), catty (?), something….I didn’t want to make him feel bad and considered it a success to just get him out of the house and into the pool.  He has surgery tomorrow on both legs.  Hopefully, it will relieve the leg cramps which the doctor says is due to the poor circulation.

I’m going to quit blathering and try to catch up with a couple of you chickies!



brseay says 23rd June @ 18:46

It was probably a good idea not to show up the hubster–one bad experience could make is unlikely that he’ll return. Here’s hoping that the surgery is a success and that he’ll be ready to spend quality time in the pool.

And I’m soooo jealous that you get to sleep in. I need to take a day and do that.

Joy says 24th June @ 6:07

I hope that your DH operation goes well Patty.
That was so sweet of you taking it easy for his sake.
I hope that you have a wonderful day.

round says 24th June @ 15:47

Hope it goes smoothly tomorrow Patty

I think you’re doing really well showing the good path to your husband. I recently read a really great book on change (will blog about it someday) called “Switch” – might give you some ideas on how to help him help himself? Now that its summer maybe you’ll have some time to read?

Joy says 30th June @ 5:59

How did the operation go Patty? how are you both doing?
Hope all is well.

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