I look like a chipmunk.  Not really…chipmunks are cute.  I just look like I have jowls down to my boobs.  I finally got dressed yesterday and went to see the doctor.  He says I have perotidtitis. 


“It’s essentially the mumps.” he says. “In both cases, it’s an inflammation of the parotid glands.  The mumps are caused by a virus but I you have a bacterial infection that has the right parotid gland swollen.  Have you been feeling tired or rundown?”

Well…duh….I thought it was because I’m tired and rundown….

What causes it?  Could be a salivary stone he tells me.  If so, it’ll most likely need to be surgically removed.  In the meantime, I’m on massive doses of antibiotics and I look like Marlon Brando in his fat days.  The swelling has dropped down into my neck.  Gross…Today is my 42nd anniversary.  Bet DH is glad he’s still got this chickie hanging on his arm.  I don’t think he’ll be taking me out in public today.

I left the doctor’s office yesterday and decided to kill a few minutes at a new produce market while I waited for him to call in a prescription for me.  The market opened up about six months ago.  It’s a huge place and I just discovered it a couple of months ago.  They didn’t do any advertising and people are just now beginning to find it.  They have everything! Fresh kumquats, lychees, fresh herbs in bulk, exotic fruits and veggies.  I was distraught when I entered the store and found half of it emptied out.  The owner is closing his doors.  Says he just can’t afford to keep it open.  Damn!  I told him people are just beginning to find him but he says his partners are done waiting and he can’t do it anymore.  Then, like an idiot, I started buying.  And buying.  He was practically giving stuff away.  He said the melons were all $1.00 each.  I bought 18 of them.  I know…totally crazy.  What am I going to do with 18 melons?  I couldn’t resist.  I got cantelope, crenshaw, casabas, Christmas melons, galias, Santa Claus melons, honeydews, sharlyns, Canary melons and horned melons.  Guess I should have a melon party or something.  He also had pepper plants, tomato plants, and herbs for $.10 each.  I think I have to enlarge the garden.


brseay says 4th June @ 22:12

Geez, you can’t catch a break! So are you going to have surgery?

Umm, the melons sound great. I planted watermelon last week, can’t wait for a few months from now when they’re ready.

To answer you question, we already had graduation last Sunday. In Iowa the seniors graduate before others are out of school–don’t ask me why. We normally would have been done yesterday but we had so many snow days to make up that we’re in through next Wednesday. The seniors loved it b/c after a while they knew they wouldn’t have to make up the snow days. Bums.

Lady says 7th June @ 20:18

Hey chickie..just popping in to say HI and make sure you are ok!

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